Strip Heaters

Strip heaters are used most commonly in the surface heating of tanks, in heating air or other inert gases, and in industrial ovens as the heat source.

NOTE: For Units With Mounting Tabs: When supported by mounting tabs, the terminal end should be secured firmly. The opposite end should be loose to allow for thermal expansion.

Common Applications

 Tank Heating Food Warmers  Platens Melting
Ovens    Thermoforming  Baking  Incubators
Air Heating  Sealing Bars  Drying Dies
Hot Plates Welding Preheating Molds Incubators

Strip Heater Option Links


  • Channel Strip Heaters (No Fins) With Mounting Tabs
  • Finned Channel Strip Heaters With Mounting Tabs
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromed Steel
  • Aluminized Steel
  • Steel


  • At One End - Offset (Diagonal)
  • At One End - Side-By-Side (Parallel)