1-1/2" Wide Chrome Steel Channel Strip Heaters With Mounting Tabs and (2) #10-32 or #10-24 Screw Terminals Side-by-Side (Parallel) At One End

General Product Description

Strip heaters are most commonly used in the surface heating of tanks and in industrial ovens as the heat source via flat-surface mounting and have hundreds of commercial and industrial applications.

  • Whenever the voltage to ground exceeds 300V, secondary insulators must be used.
  • All strip heaters may be used at voltages lower than rated for reduced wattage.
  • NOTE: For Units With Mounting Tabs: When supported by mounting tabs, the terminal end should be secured firmly. The opposite end should be loose to allow for thermal expansion.

Series Description

  • Chrome Steel Sheath: Suitable for applications where the sheath temperature does not exceed 1200°F MAX.
  • Mounting Tabs
  • (2x) At One End & Side-by-Side (Parallel) Positioning: #10-32 or #10-24 Screw Terminals
  • 1-1/2" Width x 6" to 15-1/2" Lengths: Total Length Is (A) DIM. On Diagram
  • Mounting Hole Center-to-Center: 1" Less Than Total Length
  • 150 to 750 Watts
  • 60, 120, and 240 Volt