D1-2574-K: 60°-250°F DPST Heating Line Voltage Mechanical Thermostat, 120 to 480VAC

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 337T-1403-007      Therm Coil Model No: D1-2574-K

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  • Our D-2574-K heating control has a temperature range of 60°-250°F, and is rated for 120 to 480VAC. See chart below for non-inductive Amperage ratings. This control has a copper 84" (±2") capillary with a 1/4" DIA. x 5-5/32" (±1") long sensing bulb.

  • Application: This non-programmable, snap-acting, mechanical Double Pole, Single Throw (DPST) thermostat is for heating control only. (This will not work for cooling applications.)  These controls are commonly used in tanks, ovens, cleaning baths, and many other applications and automatically turn off heating equipment when the set temperature is reached.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If load amperage or voltage exceeds the switch rating, a magnetic contactor must be used.

Technical Information

  • Switch Type: DPST (double pole, single throw). A DPST switch turns up to two independent circuits on or off.
  • Switch Action: Normally Closed Contacts Open on Temperature Rise Only.
  • Thermostat Voltage: 120 to 480VAC
  • Pilot Light: None
  • Non-Inductive Amperage Rating: See chart below.
  • Minimum Amperage Required: 5 Amps  (When below 5 Amps, the thermostat will not be able to maintain desired temperature reliably, or at all, and may fluctuate wildly in differential.)
  • Temperature Control Range: 60°F to 250°F
  • Maximum Temperature Differential: 12°
  • Capillary Length: 84" (±2")
  • Sensing Bulb Diameter: 1/4"
  • Sensing Bulb Length: 5-5/32" (±1")
  • Capillary and Sensing Bulb Material: Copper
  • Enclosure: None
  • Thermostat Height x Width: 4-3/32" x 2-21/32"
  • U.L. Listed and C.S.A. Certified.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If load amperage or voltage exceeds control rating, a magnetic contactor must be used.