Model IC-2W: Robertshaw® 5500-204 Universal Infinite Switch, 240V, Non-PTT, White Dial

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The IC-2W (Robertshaw® 5500-204) Universal Infinite Switch is a 240 volt rotary switch used in a variety of applications from electric ranges and hot plates to warming drawers, barbecue grills and space heaters.

It is Non-Push-To-Turn (Non-PTT) style, has a small compact design, and includes adapters for either screw or palnut bushing type mounting. The dial shaft has easy break-off grooves to match various shaft lengths.  The kit includes a white dial and dial adapters that allow it to be used with a variety of existing dials and configurations.


  • Electrical Rating: 100W to 3600W at 240V AC, 15 Amps max @ 210°F (100°C).
  • Voltage: 240V AC
  • % Input at Low: 5%
  • Ambient Temperature: 180° F Max
  • Mounting Type: Universal (Screw or Bushing)
  • Dial Turn Type: Non-Push-to-Turn (Non-PTT)
  • Dial Rotation: Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
  • Stem Type: A
  • Stem Length: 2" Break-Off
  •  Dial Color: White
  • Agency Rating: CE (European Community) | Recognized UL
  • Robertshaw® Factory Part Number: INF-240-597

Cross Reference

Part # Manufacturer Replacement Type
23778 UNI-LINE Exact
INF-240-573 ROBERTSHAW Functional
UC240K CHROMALOX Functional