SRA-6041: Sanitizing Sink/Tank Immersion Heater, 6,000W / 4,500W / 1,500W @ 240V / 208V / 120V

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Therm Coil Model No. SRA-6041            Therm Coil Drawing No. 381S-1000-009


  • The SRA-6041 is an over-the-side immersion heater engineered for use in the food industry or in laboratories for sanitization sinks and/or tanks and is rated 6kW @ 240VAC (4.5kW @ 208VAC, or 1.5kW @ 120VAC).
  • Superior or Equivalent Replacement For Models: Chromalox CH-OTS-604, Chromalox 093825, 34-1302, TEMPCO TAT40005, TEMPCO TAT40007, TEMPCO TAT40001, TEMPCO TAT40003, Therm Coil SRC-6041.
  • Why Superior? - We use a metal alloy called Incoloy 800 for our element sheath material, which is superior in corrosion resistance and has a higher temperature maximum threshold compared to other sink heaters on the market, which use either stainless steel or nickel-plated copper for their sheath material.

Construction Features 

  • Versatile Power Rating: 6,000 W @ 240 VAC or 4,500 W @ 208 VAC, or 1,500 W @ 120 VAC.
  • 60°-250°F Adjustable Thermostat With 212°F Stop: the MAX. temperature set-point is 212°F (11° Temperature Differential)
  • Manual-Reset Thermal Cut-Out: breaks circuit when temperature reaches 15° above set temperature for safety
  • High-Performance Incoloy 800 Alloy element sheath for long life
  • 26" Immersion Length with 22" (±1") non-heated riser to enclosure [4" (±1") high heated area (74 W/IN.²)]
  • 6-foot, 3-Conductor cord set with polarized plug
  • Stainless steel Easy-Mount bracket included
  • No Cutting or modification to existing santization sink, or tank
  • Built-in Standoff Bracket to help keep the heated portion away from direct contact with the container side
  • Pilot light indicates when power is engaged.
  • NEMA 1 Housing
  • GFCI NOTE: For safety, heater MUST be used with a GFCI protected outlet or breaker; Not Included.
  • The SRA-6041 heater can be operated on 120 Volts, but the wattage power will be reduced to 1.5 KW
  • !WARNING!: This unit is not rated for use in baptisteries due to the permitted temperature range potentially allowing the water to be heated hot enough to cause scalding burns.

Heating Time Per Volume Information:

  • The Therm-Coil SRA-6041 (6 KW) will heat: 90 GPH to a 30° temperature rise.  A tank with 750 - 1,000 gallons water can be heated in 8-1/2 to 11 hours, or one-half this time with a 15° rise.

  • The Therm Coil SRA-6041 (6KW) will heat 60 GPH to a 40° temperature rise. A tank with 750 to 1,000 gallons water can be heated in 13 to 17 hours, or one-half this time with 20° rise.

  • The SRA-6041 heater can be operated on 120 Volts, but the wattage power will be reduced to 1.5 KW and will heat: 15 GPH (40°R) or 22.5 GPH (30° R), or 30 GPH (20°R), or 45 GPH (15°R).

  • Using Two 6 KW Therm-Coil SRA-6041 Heaters would heat the water in one-half the above times.

  • A tank cover is recommended for heating to keep heat from escaping into the room.


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