Therm-O-Disc Type 10H14 Linear Limit 218025 With Manual Reset With 1/4" DIA. x 5" L Sensing Bulb - Contacts Open @ 210°F

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Therm Coil Drawing No. 337T-1172-002


This unit is specialized with a 1/4" DIA. x 5" ±1/2" long sensing bulb and 12" ±1" long capillary length which may be used in thermowell applications where the standard 10H14 limit would not normally be viable.

Typical applications for this style of limit include immersion heaters requiring a thermal limit at 210°F.

SPST contacts open on temperature rise at 210°F and can be reset when the
control has cooled to a lower temperature and the reset button has been depressed.

The manual reset is  an “M1 trip free” construction, which means that if the reset
button is held down, the control can cycle thermally. (NOTE: 
Manual reset controls may automatically reset when exposed to temperatures below –31°F (-35°C).)


  • SPST Contacts Open On Temperature Rise At 210°F
  • Tolerance: ±15°
  • Manual Reset Button: if held down, the control can cycle thermally.
  • Sensing Bulb: 1/4" DIA. x 5" (±1/2")
  • Capillary: 0.075" DIA. x 12" Length (±1" Length)
  • Maximum Capillary Temperature: 350°F
  • MAX. Resistive Load: 25 Amperes
  • Volts AC: 120V / 240V / 277V
  • Cycles: 6,000
  • Lead Wires: 14GA with 105°C PVC Insulation
  • Application: specialized applications where a sensing bulb is advantageous. 



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