Vulcan Hart / Hobart 00-421304-00001 & 00-421304-00002 Equivalent Range Bottom Elements 4,000W @ 208V & 240V

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vulcan has two different bend designs under the same OEM Part Numbers for these elements and the range model numbers these two designs are used in are identical - you must verify which bend design you need before ordering:

Our 366H-1234-001 (208V) and 366H-1234-002 (240V) are the old design used on older ranges and has longer, sloped terminal ends (See Photo).

Our 366H-1234-003 (208V) and 366H-1234-004 (240V) are the most recent design used on newer ranges and has the terminal end uprights bent at 90° (See Photo).


4,000 W Electric Range Replacement Bottom Element With #8-32 Stud Terminals And Terminal Hardware.

  • These Elements Are Used In The Following 208V and 240V Vulcan Electric Restaurant Range Model Series:

E36, E60, HE12, HE36

Part Number Cross-Reference

  • 366H-1234-001 (208V old style, sloped ends) and 366H-1234-003 (208V new style, 90° ends) Replace OEM Part Numbers:

Vulcan Hart 00-421304-00001

Vulcan Hart 107775-1

  • 366H-1234-002 (240V old style, sloped ends) and 366H-1234-004 (240V new style, 90° ends) Replace OEM Part Numbers:

Vulcan Hart 00-421304-00002

Vulcan Hart 107775-2



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