Infinite Switch Controls

   These are rotary switches used on electric ranges, hot plates, warming drawers, and many other applications to control the amount of power dissipated by a heating element.

   An infinite switch, also known as simmerstat, energy regulator, or infinite controller, allows the power output of a heating element to be variable. The switches are named "infinite" because, instead of only allowing a few or specific switched power  levels, its average power output is infinitely variable.

Residential models: come with an exclusive universally designed 2" long square break-off shaft with included shaft adapters that allows for the use of your original dial on the replacement switch.

   Alternately, some kits also include a black or white dial knob (OFF-LO-2 thru 6-HI); see the chart to determine if the kit includes a dial and, if it does, what color it is.

 Commercial models: have a heavy-duty, commercial-grade dial shaft with standard break-off increments that is used with its included dial (requiring no dial shaft adapters) as well as two wire extensions with quick-connect terminals for various installation configurations. This kit also includes a dial (OFF-LO-2 thru 6-HI); see chart for dial color.