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Product Warranty Policy

Product Warranty

Therm Coil warrants all products of its manufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship and agrees to repair or replace, without charge, any or part of all its products found defective upon examination at the factory within (12 months) from the date of  installation or (2 years) from date of manufacture, whichever occurs first.  All material must be accompanied with an R.G.A. (Return Goods Authorization) from Therm Coil.  For warranty purposes, the return must contain proof of purchase date or date stamped on the product will prevail.  All return material must have transportation charges prepaid.  Replacing shipment will be made transportation charges prepaid.


 General Warranty Limitations are as follows:


Heater Installation and Maintenance:

Any product subject to a Limited Warranty claim must be demonstrated by the claimant to have been installed and maintained in full accord with any and all instructions of Therm Coil, and, in the absence of any applicable instructions or recommendations of Therm Coil, in accord with good engineering practices. Voltage connection variation will consist of not more than 5% of that indicated on the product.


Thermostat Installation:

Prior to installation ensure that the thermostat is correct.   Thermostats are not returnable after installation.



Therm Coil makes no warranty against damage or loss from corrosion or similar conditions occurring in the use or storage of any product.



Therm Coil makes no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any specific application.  The customer is solely responsible for selection of the subject product of  Therm Coil for use in the customer’s operations and applications.  Customers are urged to make all necessary tests to determine the suitability of any product of Therm Coil for use in the customer’s operations and applications prior to selecting such products for use.


Incidental or Consequential Damage

Therm Coil shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage incidental to the failure of any product, whether as the result of defects in workmanship, materials, or otherwise.  This exclusion applies to all claims for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to: labor and materials expended in removing and replacing the product, damage to or loss of surrounding, adjacent or otherwise connected or related equipment, facilities or materials, loss of or damage to product or raw materials, and loss of or under contract arrangements of the purchaser.


Shipping Loss:

Therm Coil shall not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from transportation.  All such claims should be presented to, and against, the subject carrier.



Therm Coil is committed to giving quality information on all quotes, however, errors on quotes, either in writing or verbal, are subject to correction and will not be honored if incorrect.  Customers are responsible for examination of specifications and applications of items quoted.


No Implied Warranties:

This Limited Warranty supersedes and replaces any and all representations and warranties, written or oral, and no implied warranties, including the implied warranty of merchantability, applies to any product of  Therm Coil.


These elements may occasionally malfunction in normal use and may cause fires.  Do not operate these elements in the presence of explosive or combustible materials.  Observe fire prevention precautions.  The thermostat controls are to be used as temperature controls.   Because they do not fail safe, an approved temperature and/or pressure safety control must be used for safe operation.


 *This warranty has been composed to comply with the new Federal Law and applies to products manufactured after December 31, 1976.  This replaces our previous warranty.*

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