Regulated Copper Sheath With Brass 2-1/2" NPT Screw Plug - Immersion Elements

Therm Coil ECC Models

Copper Sheath Elements:

If in doubt about which materials are required for your application, please contact us at 1-724-872-5007 or

  • Copper Sheath with Brass 2-1/2" NPT Screw Plug (Silver Brazed): Our ECC-models with 39-66 watt density (W/IN.²) are for use in clean water.

Regulated (With Thermostat Temperature Control):

  • 60°-250°F Default Temperature Range
  • Alternate Temperature Ranges Are Available (Consult Factory):

            ●  30°-110°F
            ●  200°-550°F

NOTE - Regulated Models Require A Magnetic Contactor (sold separately) Unless They Are Rated:

  • ≤240V And Single-Phase With An Amperage Rating Of 25 Amps Or Less.


  • NEMA 1, General Purpose Enclosure: the default enclosure type.

            ●  Weather-Resistant Enclosures
            ●  Explosion-Resistant Enclosures (Also Dust & Weather-Resistant)


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