240V Units Only: 1-1/2" Wide Stainless Steel Finned Channel Strip Heaters With Mounting Tabs and (2) #10-32 Screw Terminals Offset (Diagonal) At One End

The 240V units are on this page.

If you need the 120V versions, please click HERE.

General Product Description

Finned Channel Strip heaters are most commonly used for natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom inside cabinet-type ovens) and forced air heating (mounted inside a duct).

Finned Channel strip heaters differ from regular finned strip heaters in that their housing is constructed from a singular piece of rectangular tubing which makes them moisture-resistant.

  • Whenever the voltage to ground exceeds 300V, secondary insulators must be used.
  • All strip heaters may be used at voltages lower than rated for reduced wattage.
  • NOTE: For Units With Mounting Tabs: When supported by mounting tabs, the terminal end should be secured firmly. The opposite end should be loose to allow for thermal expansion.

    Series Description

    • 304 Stainless Steel Sheath: Superior corrosion protection for long life and clean appearance.  Suitable for applications where the sheath temperature does not exceed 1200°F MAX.
    • Mounting Tabs
    • (2x) At One End & Offset (Diagonal) Positioning: #10-32 Screw Terminals
    • 1-1/2" Width x 10-1/2" to 48" Lengths: Total Length Is (A) DIM. On Diagram
    • Mounting Hole Center-to-Center: 1" Less Than Total Length
    • 250 to 4,150 Watts
    • 120 and 240 Volt Available (On Separate Product Pages, See Link Above))