18KW, 480V, 4-1/2" Square Flange Incoloy Alloy Boiler Element

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Therm Coil No.: 378F-1455-020

Product Description

  • 18KW @ 480V With 10-1/8" Immersion Length and 4-1/2" SQ. Steel Flange.
  • Application: Replacement element compatible with various electric boilers, steam generators, sterilizers, and pressure vessels.
  • Superior Quality High-Performance Incoloy Alloy Sheath Elements For Long Life
  • Includes Gasket and Hardware Kit

Technical Specifications

  • Element Sheath Material: Incoloy
  • Quantity Of Elements: 3
  • Voltage: 480V
  • Wattage: 18,000 W (18 KW)
  • Immersion Length: 10-1/8"
  • Terminal Connections: #10-32 Stud Terminals (Hardware Included)
  • Flange Mounting Holes: (6x) .375" DIA. Holes On 3.8125" Bolt Circle Diameter

Superior Or Equivalent Replacement For Part Numbers: 

    • Sussman / Mr. Steam 39183F, 39183FSS
    • Getinge/Castle by Getinge 536520
    • Eichenauer 300603H
    • Eichenauer/Creative Assemblies 51A-1002-06
    • and others.

    Compatible With Sussman 480V 3-Phase Electric Boiler Models: 

    • ES-18HU-18, and SSB-18: uses one heater total; (1x) 18KW
    • ES-30HU-30, and SSB-30: uses two heaters total; (1x) 12KW + (1x) 18KW
    • ES-36HU-36, and SSB-36: uses two heaters total; (2x) 18KW
    • ES-48HU-48, and SSB-48: uses three heaters total; (1x) 12KW + (2x) 18KW
    • ES-60HU-60, and SSB-60: uses four heaters total; (2x) 12KW + (2x) 18KW
    • ES-72HU-72, and SSB-72: uses four heaters total; (4x) 18KW
    • ES-85 and SSB-85: uses five heaters total; (5x) 18KW
    • ES-100HU-100, and SSB-100: uses six heaters total; (6x) 18KW
    • ES-135HU-135, and SSB-135: uses eight heaters total; (8x) 18KW

    Compatible With Mr. Steam 480V 3-Phase Steam Bath Generator Models:

    • CU-750: uses one heater total; (1x) 18KW
    • CU-1250: uses two heaters total; (1x) 12KW + (1x) 18KW
    • CU-1400: uses two heaters total; (2x) 18KW
    • CU-2000: uses three heaters total; (1x) 12KW + (2x) 18KW
    • CU-2500: uses four heaters total; (2x) 12KW + (2x) 18KW
    • CU-3000: uses four heaters total; (4x) 18KW
    • CU-4500: uses six heaters total; (6x) 18KW

    Disclaimers: Sussman / Mr Steam are registered trademarks of Sussman-Automatic Corporation. Getinge / Castle by Getinge are registered trademarks of Getinge AB or its subsidiaries. Eichenauer is a registered trademark of Eichenauer Heizelemente GmbH & Co..  Creative Assemblies Inc. / Allied Sales Corp. are copyrighted to same. 

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