60°-250°F Black Replacement Dial For D1 Model Thermostats

Discounted price $ 23.16 List price $ 27.25

Our 60°-250°F Black Replacement Dial is the perfect fit for the following Therm Coil thermostat models:

  • D1-2573-K (Drawing No. 337T-1403-002)
  • D1-2573-KE (Drawing No. 337T-1405-002)
  • D1-2573-KEP (Drawing No. 337T-1406-002)
  • D1-2573-KP (Drawing No. 337T-1404-002)
  • D1-2571-K (Drawing No. 337T-1403-003)
  • D1-2571-KE (Drawing No. 337T-1405-003)
  • D1-2571-KEP (Drawing No. 337T-1406-003)
  • D1-2571-KP (Drawing No. 337T-1404-003)
  • D1-2574-K (Drawing No. 337T-1403-004)
  • D1-2574-KE (Drawing No. 337T-1405-004)
  • D1-2574-KEP (Drawing No. 337T-1406-004)
  • D1-2574-KP (Drawing No. 337T-1404-004)
  • D1-2544-K (Drawing No. 337T-1403-010)
  • D1-2544-KE (Drawing No. 337T-1405-010)
  • D1-2544-KEP (Drawing No. 337T-1406-010)
  • D1-2544-KP (Drawing No. 337T-1404-010)

This replacement dial is also compatible with Robertshaw D1 / D18 Series thermostats that need a temperature display range of 60°-250°F.