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60T35 L230F Replacement 230°F Thermal Cutout Limit (TCO) Kit For Steam Table Urn Heaters

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Therm Coil Drawing No. 337B-1042-002


This is a replacement manual reset thermal cut out (TCO) limit kit used as a replacement in bottom-mounted steam table urn heaters that come with a cut-out switch.
  • 230°F Thermal Temperature Cut Out
  • Kit Includes: #8-32 set screw for mounting, 5/64" Hex L-Key (Alan Wrench), and Instructions.

    Verified Compatible Urn Heater Models:

    HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your urn heater model number.

    Chromalox - All TTUH-CO Models (All Voltages/Phasing): TTUH-CO-10, TTUH-CO-15, TTUH-CO-20, TTUH-CO-25, TTUH-CO-30, TTUH-CO-40, TTUH-CO-50, TTUH-CO-60, TTUH-CO-70, TTUH-CO-303, TTUH-CO-403, TTUH-CO-503, TTUH-CO-603, TTUH-CO-703, TTUH-CO-803, TTUH-CO-903, TTUH-CO-1003, TTUH-CO-1203

    Therm Coil MFG - All UCH-C Models & All UC-C Models (All Voltages/Phasing): UCH-1511-C, UCH-2011-C, UCH-2041-C, UCH-2521-C, UCH-2541-C, UCH-3011-C, UCH-3021-C, UCH-3023-C, UCH-3041-C, UCH-3043-C, UCH-4021-C, UCH-4023-C, UCH-4041-C, UCH-4043-C, UCH-5021C, UCH-5023-C, UCH-5041-C, UCH-5043-C, UCH-5053-C, UCH-6021-C, UCH-6023-C, UCH-6041-C, UCH-6043-C, UCH-7023-C, UCH-7041-C, UCH-7043-C, UCH-7053-C, UCH-8023-C, UCH-8043-C, UCH-9023-C, UCH-10043-C, UCH-10053-C

    UC-1511-C, UC-2011-C, UC-2041-C, UC-2521-C, UC-2541-C, UC-3011-C, UC-3021-C, UC-3023-C, UC-3041-C, UC-3043-C, UC-4021-C, UC-4023-C, UC-4041-C, UC-4043-C, UC-5021C, UC-5023-C, UC-5041-C, UC-5043-C, UC-5053-C, UC-6021-C, UC-6023-C, UC-6041-C, UC-6043-C, UC-7023-C, UC-7041-C, UC-7043-C, UC-7053-C, UC-8023-C, UC-8043-C, UC-9023-C, UC-10043-C, UC-10053-C

    Part Number Cross-Reference:

    60T35 L230F, 60T35L230F, 60T35-L230F, 300-012172-006, 300012172006, 300-012-172-006, 801692, 427725, 37B-1042-01, 331111, 330882, 168-047782-057, 168047782057

    Product Warranty
    Thermostat Installation:

    Prior to installation ensure that the limit control is correct.   Limit controls are not returnable after installation.


    Therm Coil makes no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any specific application.  The customer is solely responsible for selection of the subject product of  Therm Coil for use in the customer’s operations and applications.  Customers are urged to make all necessary tests to determine the suitability of any product of Therm Coil for use in the customer’s operations and applications prior to selecting such products for use.

    The above specified product warranty provisions are especially applicable to this product, but be advised that both our Product Warranty Policy and Terms of Service are applicable to this product in their entirety.

    Disclaimers:  Chromalox is a registered trademark of Chromalox Inc.  Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with any of the aforementioned trademark owners, affiliates, manufacturers, or their subsidiaries.

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