APW Wyott 69106 Hi-Limit Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat, 345°F Fixed - Type 444-35

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Therm Coil Drawing No. 337T-1600-003


  • 345°F Fixed Temperature Bi-Metal Hi-Limit Without Stem
  • Opens on rise at 345°F
  • Type 444-35

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  • Replacement For Part No.:

APW Wyott: 69106, 36136

Franke: 290047

APW (American Permanent Ware): 69106, 69136

Other: 444-35, 48-1055, APW69106

  • Used In Appliance / Warmer Model Numbers:

BT-15, CW-3A, HFW-2, HFW-2D, HFW-3, HFW-3D, HFW-4, HFW-4D, HFW-5, HFW-5D, HFW-6, HFW-6D, PSST-2, PSST-3, PSST-4, PSST-5, SM-50-11, SM-50-11D, SM-50-4, SM-50-4D, SM-50-7, SM-50-7D, SST-2, SST-3, SST-4, SST-5, W-1 , W-2, W-3, W-3V, W-3Vi, W-43V, WU-3I



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