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Model TC-4836: Whirlpool WP308180 Equivalent Replacement Range/Oven Bake Element, 2,600W/1,950W @ 240V/208V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-3060-003      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-4836


HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your part number.
  • Replacement For Part Numbers:

    Whirlpool WP308180, 308180, 456500, AP4502564, AP6007578, 14210047, 308180BULK, 311470, 311652, 313827, 660576, 661170, Jenn-Air 201767, 202550, 2025757, Gemline RP790, RP790, Chromalox/Supco CH4836, CH790, TJ90CH4836, Zoppas TS790, TS4836, TS790/4836, YCH4836, TS7101, TS709/4836, TS4836/790, ERB780, ERB790, 366R-3026-001.

  • 2,600/1,950 W @ 240/208 V Rating
  • Overall Size: Width 16-9/16" x 15-3/4" From Back Of Element To Mounting Bracket x 3" Insert From Bracket To Terminal Ends x 1-3/4" Terminals Center-to-Center
  • Male Quick-Connect Push-In Terminals
  • Used in various models of Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, Sears / Kenmore,  and other Ranges And/Or Ovens:  If your specific range or oven model number is not listed, use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this baking element will fit your appliance. 
    HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your model number.
    • Fits Whirlpool Appliance Model Numbers: 

    4RF302BXDW0, FEP310BL0, FEP310BL1, FEP310BW0, FEP310BW1, FEP310YL0, FEP310YL1, FEP310YW0, FEP310YW1, FEP314BL0, FEP314BW0, FEP320YL0, FEP320YL1, FEP320YL2, FEP320YW0, FEP320YW1, FEP320YW2, FES364BL0, FES364BL1, FES364BL2, FES364BW0, FES364BW1, FES364BW2, KEDT105SBL0, KEES705SAB1, KEES705SWB1, KEMI301BWH0, RB2000XKW0, RB220PXK0, RB2600XKW1, RB260PXK0, RB260PXK1, RE953PXKT1, RE953PXPT0, RE960PXKW0, RE960PXKW1, RE960PXKW2, RE960PXPW0, RE960PXVN5, RE960PXVW5, RE963PXKT0, RE963PXKT1, RE963PXPT0, RF3000XPW0, RF3020XDN0, RF3020XDW0, RF3020XPW0, RF3020XVN1, RF3020XVN2, RF3020XVW1, RF3020XVW2, RF3020XXN2, RF3020XXW2, RF3020XYN0, RF3020XYN1, RF3020XYN2, RF3020XYW0, RF3020XYW1, RF3020XYW2, RF302BXDN0, RF302BXDQ0, RF302BXDW0, RF302BXPW0, RF302BXVG3, RF302BXVN3, RF302BXVW3, RF302BXXN0, RF302BXXQ0, RF302BXXW0, RF302BXYG0, RF302BXYG1, RF302BXYG2, RF302BXYN0, RF302BXYN1, RF302BXYN2, RF302BXYQ0, RF302BXYQ1, RF302BXYQ2, RF302BXYW0, RF302BXYW1, RF302BXYW2, RF302EXPW0, RF302PXXQ1, RF305EXPW0, RF306BXVN0, RF306BXVW0, RF3100XPW0, RF310PXPW0, RF3120XPW0, RF313PXPT0, RF314BBDQ0, RF314BBDQ1, RF314BBDZ0, RF314BBDZ1, RF314BXBN1, RF314BXBQ1, RF314BXBW1, RF314PXYN0, RF314PXYN1, RF314PXYN2, RF314PXYW0, RF314PXYW1, RF314PXYW2, RF3165XPW0, RF316EXPW0, RF316PXYN0, RF316PXYN1, RF316PXYN2, RF316PXYN4, RF316PXYW0, RF316PXYW1, RF316PXYW2, RF316PXYW4, RF317PXPW0, RF317PXVG0, RF317PXVN0, RF317PXVW0, RF317PXWN0, RF317PXWW0, RF317PXXN2, RF317PXXW2, RF327PXPW0, RF3300XPW0, RF330PXPW0, RF333PXPT0, RF335EXPW0, RF3365XPW0, RF336EXPW0, RF336PXPW0, RF345PXPW0, RF350BXBW0, RF350BXDW0, RF354BXBW0, RF354BXDW0, RF354BXDW1, RF356BXDW0, RF3600XPW0, RF360BXDN0, RF360BXDW0, RF360BXYN0, RF360BXYN1, RF360BXYN2, RF360BXYW0, RF360BXYW1, RF360BXYW2, RF361BXDN0, RF361BXDW0, RF361PXXW2, RF3620XPW0, RF3620XVN2, RF3620XVW2, RF362BBDN0, RF362BBDQ0, RF362BBDW0, RF362BBDZ0, RF362BXBN1, RF362BXBQ1, RF362BXBW1, RF363PXPT0, RF364BBDQ0, RF364BBDQ1, RF364BBDZ0, RF364BBDZ1, RF364BXBN0, RF364BXBN1, RF364BXBQ0, RF364BXBQ1, RF364BXBW0, RF364BXBW1, RF364PSBN0, RF364PSBQ0, RF364PSBW0, RF364PXYN0, RF364PXYN1, RF364PXYN2, RF364PXYN3, RF364PXYQ0, RF364PXYQ1, RF364PXYQ2, RF364PXYQ3, RF364PXYW0, RF364PXYW1, RF364PXYW2, RF364PXYW3, RF365BXPW0, RF365BXYN0, RF365BXYN1, RF365BXYW0, RF365BXYW1, RF365EXPW0, RF365PXDN0, RF365PXDQ0, RF365PXDW0, RF365PXDZ0, RF365PXXN1, RF365PXXN2, RF365PXXW1, RF365PXXW2, RF365PXYN0, RF365PXYN1, RF365PXYN2, RF365PXYQ0, RF365PXYQ1, RF365PXYQ2, RF365PXYW0, RF365PXYW1, RF365PXYW2, RF365PXYZ2, RF3661XDN0, RF3661XDW0, RF3663XDN0, RF3663XDW0, RF367PXDN0, RF367PXDW0, RF370PXDN0, RF370PXDW0, RF370PXYN0, RF370PXYN1, RF370PXYN2, RF370PXYW0, RF370PXYW1, RF370PXYW2, RF374PXDN0, RF374PXDN1, RF374PXDQ0, RF374PXDQ1, RF374PXDW0, RF374PXDW1, RF374PXDZ0, RF374PXDZ1, RF3750XPW0, RF375PXPW0, RF376PCYN0, RF376PCYN1, RF376PCYN2, RF376PCYN4, RF376PCYW0, RF376PCYW1, RF376PCYW2, RF376PCYW4, RF376PXDN0, RF376PXDN1, RF376PXDQ0, RF376PXDQ1, RF376PXDW0, RF376PXDW1, RF376PXDZ0, RF376PXDZ1, RF376PXYB0, RF376PXYB2, RF376PXYB4, RF376PXYN0, RF376PXYN2, RF376PXYN4, RF376PXYQ0, RF376PXYQ2, RF376PXYQ4, RF376PXYW0, RF376PXYW2, RF376PXYW4, RF385PXPW0, RF385PXVN0, RF385PXVW0, RF386PXDB0, RF386PXDB1, RF386PXDQ0, RF386PXDQ1, RF386PXDZ0, RF386PXDZ1, RF391PXXW0, RF391PXXW2, RF395PCXN2, RF395PCXW2, RF395PXPW0, RF395PXXN2, RF395PXXW2, RF396PCXN2, RF396PCXW2, RF396PCYN0, RF396PCYN1, RF396PCYN2, RF396PCYN3, RF396PCYW0, RF396PCYW1, RF396PCYW2, RF396PCYW3, RF396PXXB2, RF396PXXN2, RF396PXXW2, RF396PXYB0, RF396PXYB1, RF396PXYB2, RF396PXYB3, RF396PXYB5, RF396PXYN0, RF396PXYN1, RF396PXYN2, RF396PXYN3, RF396PXYN5, RF396PXYQ0, RF396PXYQ1, RF396PXYQ2, RF396PXYQ3, RF396PXYQ5, RF396PXYW0, RF396PXYW1, RF396PXYW2, RF396PXYW3, RF396PXYW5, rfe3000w1, RHM973PP0, RHM975PW, RHM975PW1, RHM988PW, RHM988PW1, RJE3000W0, RJE3000W1, RJE3020W1, RJE3021W1, RJE302BW0, RJE302BW1, RJE310PW0, RJE313PP, RJE313PP1, RJE3165W0, RJE3165W1, RJE320BW1, RJE333PP1, RJE3365W0, RJE345PW0, RJE363PP1, RJE363PP2, RJE365BW0, RJE3750W0, RJE3750W1, RJE3750W2, RJE385PW0, RJE385PW1, RJE395PW0, RJE395PW1, RM235PXK0, RM235PXL0, RM235PXL2, RM255PXP0, RM275PXK0, RM275PXL0, RM275PXL2, RM278BXP0, RM278BXV3, RM278BXV5, RM278BXV6, RM278PXK0, RM278PXL0, RM278PXL2, RM280PXAB0, RM280PXAB1, RM280PXAQ0, RM280PXAQ1, RM280PXBB0, RM280PXBB1, RM280PXBB2, RM280PXBB3, RM280PXBQ0, RM280PXBQ1, RM280PXBQ2, RM280PXBQ3, RM288PXP0, RM288PXS9, RM288PXV4, RM955PXKW0, RM955PXLW0, RM955PXLW1, RM955PXLW2, RM955PXPW0, RM973BXPT0, RM973BXST0, RM973PXKT0, RM973PXLT0, RM973PXLT1, RM973PXLT2, RM975PXKW0, RM975PXLW0, RM975PXLW1, RM975PXLW2, RM978BXPW0, RM988PXKW0, RM988PXLW0, RM988PXLW2, RM988PXLW9, RM988PXPW0, RM988PXVF1, RM988PXVF5, RM988PXVM1, RM988PXVM5, RM988PXVN1, RM988PXVN5, RM988PXVN6, RM988PXVW1, RM988PXVW5, RM988PXVW6, RM996PXVN4, RM996PXVW4, RS600BXBH0, RS600BXBH1, RS600BXBH2, RS600BXK0, RS600BXK1, RS600BXYH1, RS600BXYH2, RS600BXYH3, RS6100XKW0, RS6300XKW0, RS6300XVN1, RS6300XVW1, RS630PXK0, RS660BXK1, RS6700XKW0, RS6700XKW1, RS670PXK0, RS670PXK1, RS670PXV0, RS677PXYB0, RS677PXYB1, RS677PXYQ0, RS677PXYQ1, TER50W0DW0, TER50W0DW1, TER56W2BN0, TER56W2BW0, TER86W5BN0, TER86W5BW0

    Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with Whirlpool Corporation, Sears, or any other listed manufacturers or their affiliates.

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