D1 Thermostat Enclosure

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 313G-1100-004


  • Our D1 thermostat enclosure is a wall-mounted general purpose enclose that has mounting holes spaced to fit our D1-series thermostats.
  • This enclosure is also fully compatible with Robertshaw 5000 model series thermostats (D1 & D18 models), as well as others.
  • Insulation paper is pre-placed to protect the thermostat terminal connections.
  • Slotted cut-out for the capillary to exit the enclosure.
  • Cut-out for pilot light visibility and to act as an "off" indicator.
  • Hardware included for both thermostat and enclosure mounting.
  • Overall Dimensions: 5-3/4" H x 3" W x 2" D



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