EAA-SSN Models: Regulated Incoloy Sheath With Stainless Steel 2-1/2" NPT Screw Plug Immersion Elements

Therm Coil EAA-SSN Models

Incoloy Sheath Elements With 2-1/2" NPT Stainless Steel Plug:

If in doubt about which materials are required or best-suited for your application, please contact us at 1-724-872-5007 or rheinhold@thermcoil.com.

  • INCOLOY® Sheath with Stainless Steel Screw Plug (Nickel Brazed or Welded): Our EAA-SSN models with 45-55 watt density (W/IN.²) are suitable for clean water and corrosive liquids, such as process water with less than 6% alkaline or acid content; up to 2% caustic solutions.  Also suitable for demineralized or deionized water.

    Regulated (With Thermostat):

    • 60°-250°F Thermostat Control: This is the default thermostat temperature range if you choose a regulated heater.
    • Alternate Temperature Ranges Are Available (Contact Us!):

                ●  30°-110°F
                ●  200°-550°F


      • NEMA 1, General Purpose Enclosure: the default enclosure type.

                  ●  Weather-Resistant Enclosures
                  ●  Explosion-Resistant Enclosures (Also Dust & Weather-Resistant) 

      General Information:

      • Includes Thermowell: accommodates up to 3/8" DIA. sensing bulb.
      • Screw plug immersion heaters must be fully covered by your liquid to prevent heater failure. (Other medium applications are possible, but require factory consultation.)
      • All 240V models have the option to be operated at 208 VAC with a 25% reduction in wattage rating.

        Technical Specifications

        • Element Sheath Material: Incoloy 800
        • Quantity Of Elements: 3
        • Immersion Length: (C Dim.)
        • Terminal Connections: #10-32 Stud Terminals & Includes (3x) 7" Lead Wires
        • Screw Plug Size: 2-1/2" NPT
        • Screw Plug Material: Stainless Steel
        • Enclosure Type: NEMA 1 General Purpose
        • Thermowell Accommodates Sensing Bulb Size: .375" DIA.
        • Temperature Control Type: Adjustable SPST Thermostat
        • Temperature Control Range: 60°-250°F