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Model TC-44X5082: GE WB44X5082 Range/Oven Bake Replacement Element, 1,940/2,585 W @ 208/240 V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-3015-001      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-44X5082


HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your part number.
  • Replacement For Part Numbers:

G.E.: WB44X5082, , WB44X10003, WB44X1126, WB44X192, WB44X5061, WB44X5072, WB44X5082R, WB44X5085, WB44X6082, WR44X5082R, WB44X0192

Other: CH44X5082, TJ90CH44X5082, TJCH44X5082, 202-875832-001, 875832-001, 14200004, 458193, 501074, AP2031084, AP5183481, AP6326735, 3358, 115626, 261031, 8030, ERB44X5082, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, WB44X5082, YCH44X5082, AH249466, EA249466, PS249466, RP44X5082, TS44X5082, TC-44X5061, TC-44X-5061, 366R-3015-002

  • 1940/2585 W @ 208/240V Rating
  • Approximate Overall Size: 18" Wide x 15" Length From Back Of Element To Mounting Brackets x 1-1/4" Center-to-Center Terminal Width (variable due to design) x 2-7/16" Insert From Bracket To Terminal Ends.
  • #8-32 Threaded Screw-In Terminals
  • Used in various models of General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, Sears / Kenmore,  and other Ranges And/Or Ovens:  Not All compatible range/oven models are listed.  Use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this baking element will fit your appliance - its is used on many models.
HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your model number.
    • Fits GE Oven/Range Model Numbers: 

    JBP26GV3, JBP21GV2, JBP26GS1, JBP24GW1, JBP26WV2, JBP76GV3, JBP23GS1, JBP26GV2, JBP66GW1WH, JBS03V1, JBP24GS1, JBP66GW1AD, JBS17GS1, JBP21GS1, JBP26GS2, JBP76GV1, RB525GS1, RB525V1, JBC17GS1, JBP24DW1, JBP25GS1, JBP79WW1, RB525S1, JBP23GV1, JBP24GV1, JBP46GV1, JBS03S1, JBS16GS1, JBS16S1, JBP65GV1WH, JBP77GV3, JBP24BY1, JBP55GS1, JBP79AW1, JBS17GV1, JBP21GV1, JBP23GV2, JBP24GS2, JBP24GV2, JBC17GV1, JBP65GS1AD, JBP65GV3WH, JBP78GV1, JBP90WV1, JBP65GV3AD, JBC17GV3, JBP26WV1, JBP65GV1AD, JBP75GV1AD, JBP76GS1, JBS03GS1, JBS03GV2, JBS16V1, JBS27GV4, RB525GV1, RB525GV2, RB532GS2, JBP21SV1, JBP25GV2, JBP45AS1, JBP46GV3, JBP65GS1WH, JBP77GV1, RB525V2, RB536GW3, JBC27GW1, JBP22S1, JBP25GS2, JBP25GV1, JBP46GS1, JBP46GV2, JBP47GV2, JBP65GS2AD, JBP78GV3, JBP79WS1, JBP79WV2, JBP90AV1, JBS03GV3, JBS03V2, JBS16GV3, JBS18GS1, JBS27BY1, 3639378880, JBP21BY1, JBP21SV2, JBP22GES1, JBP22V1, JBP45GV1, JBP45WS1, JBP60GV3WH, JBP76GV2, JBP79AV1, JBP90AW1, JBP90GS1, RB533GS1, JBP22GES2, JBP45GV2, JBP63DW1WH, JBP63SV1AD, JBP65GV2WH, JBP75AV1, JBP76GS2, JBP77GS1, JBP77GS2, JBP78GS1, JBP79WV1, JBP90WS1, JBP90WS2, JBS03GV1, JBS03GV4, JBS26S1, JBS27GS1, JBS27WW1, JBS27WY1, JBP21GS2, JBP26AV3, JBP45GS1, JBP45GS2, JBP45WV1, JBP46GS2, JBP47GV1, JBP65GS2WH, JBP75AW1, JBP75GV2WH, JBP79AS1, JBP79GS1, JBP90GV1, JBS03V3, JBS17GV3, RB536GW1, RB632GS1, JBC27BY1, JBC27GW1AD, JBP19GV1, JBP24DY1, JBP26WT1, JBP30GY1AD, JBP30GY1WH, JBP45AS2, JBP45AV1, JBP47GS1, JBP47GS2, JBP48AY1, JBP63SV1WH, JBP65GV2AD, JBP75GV1WH, JBP75WV1, JBP76GIV1, JBP78GS2, JBP79AS2, JBP79GV1, JBP79GW1, JBP90AS1, JBS06GS1, JBS07T1, JBS07V1, JBS16GV1, JBS16GV2, JBS16V2, JBS27GS2, JBS27GV2, JBS30GT1AD, JBS30GT1WH, RB526WW2, RB533GV2, RB536S1, RB632GV2, 3639308810, 3639878810, 3639888810, JBC17GS2, JBP19GS2, JBP26AV1, JBP48GS1, JBP48WY1, JBP56GS1, JBP56GS2, JBP58GS1, JBP63BY1AD, JBP63BY1WH, JBP63DW1AD, JBP63SV3AD, JBP75AV2, JBP75GS1AD, JBP75GS3AD, JBP75GV3AD, JBP75WS2, JBP75WW1, JBP78GV2, JBP79AV2, JBP80AS1, JBP80WS1, JBP80WV1, JBP90AS2, JBP90GV2, JBP90WW1, JBP95AT3, JBP95WV1, JBS034V1, JBS07V2


    Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with General Electric Corporation, Sears, or any other listed manufacturers or their affiliates.

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