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Therm-Coil Mfg. will be closed July 4-8, 2024 to allow us to celebrate Independence Day with our families.
Therm-Coil Mfg. will be closed July 4-8, 2024 to allow us to celebrate Independence Day with our families.

Model DHW-55-115-TS: 1.5kW, 115VAC, Silicone Rubber Heater For 55-Gallon Metal Drums With 50°-425°F Thermostat Control - 4" Wide

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Model-Specific Information

  • Drum Material: Metal
  • Drum Position: Vertical
  • Fits Drum Capacity / Diameter: 55-gallon / 22-1/2" DIA.
  • Length x Width: 64.5" L x 4" W
  • Rating: 1,500 W @ 115VAC
  • Adjustable Thermostat / Temperature Range: Yes, 50°-425°F
  • 6-ft. Cord Termination: 3-Prong Molded Plug

General Information

   Drum heaters easily and securely wrap around either metal or non-metal drums, tanks, or pails with a spring-and-clip connection, as they are flexible, thin resistance heaters created by sandwiching an alloy heating element between laminated layers of fiberglass reinforced silicone rubber cloth. This design limits degradation of sensitive contents and scorching by maintaining proper process or handling consistency via even heat transfer.

   Models may include a molded-in thermostat control which is fully adjustable which will limit the temperature of the drum heater itself, not the contents of the drum, as numerous factors will determine the actual temperature of the contents, including ambient temperature, the type of contents, thermostat setting, heater wattage.

   Models will specify if they are for metal or non-metal (poly or plastic) drum material use.  Heaters specified for metal may not be used on other drum materials due to the higher temperatures which will melt them, however, heaters that are specified for non-metal may be used on metal containers but will heat metal drums at a slower rate.

   We have models that come in 115/120 V or 230/240 V configurations: the 115/120V has a 6ft. cord with a 3-prong molded plug; the 230/240V has a 6ft. cord with a pigtail (3-wire) termination.

   Drum heaters may be used outdoors as long as they are protected from rain or snow.


Viscosity control, freeze protection, temperature maintenance and melting of solids for:

  • Adhesives
  • Biofuels
  • Mastics
  • Molasses, syrups, chocolate
  • Oils, fats and greases
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Plastics
  • Resins
  • Waxes
  • Much more

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