Model TC-4835: Whirlpool WPY07431100 Equivalent Range/Oven Broil Replacement Element, 3,000W @ 250V

Discounted price $ 89.42 List price $ 105.20

Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-4003-003      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-4835


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  • Replacement For Part Numbers:

Amana / Sunray Stove / Whirlpool: WPY07431100, Y07431100, 0088867, 07431100, 0E00201399, 0E00216399, 7-70865, 7-70866, 74311-00, 770865, 770866, 88867

Other: CH4835, 96800P01, M61D62, PS11757496, R0710060, Y0088867, Y0E00201399, Y0E00216399, Y770866, B008DK1KEY, B008DK5MMA, B008DJQYTQ, B008DJHSM8, B008DJQ5LI, B008DJRSVE, B017KJDKS2, B008DJRSEQ, 115656, 456497, F83-364, TS4835, YCH4835, AP6024146, AP3389118, 1244170

  •  3000 W @ 250V Rating
  • Approximate Overall Size: 13-1/4" Wide x 15-3/4" Length From Back Of Element To Mounting Bracket x 1-7/8" Insert From Bracket To Terminal Ends
  • Male Push-In Quick-Connect Terminals
  • Used in various models of Whirlpool brands, including Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper,Sears / Kenmore, and other Ranges And/Or Ovens:  If your specific range or oven model number is not listed, use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this broil element will fit your appliance. 

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  • Compatible For Use In Appliance Model Numbers:

 SBE22AA0 (P1142435N W), EHT3302W (P1142446N W), EBE22AA0 (P1142430N W), EBE22AA0 (P1142470N W), EHS267, EHS2672L (P1142278N L), EBE26AA (P1142409N W), EHD379, EHN3402W (P1143205N W), EHT334, EJT334, SNE26AA (P1142496N), EHD267, EJA335, SBE22AA0 (P1142491N W), EBE22AA (P1142413N L), EBE22AA5 (P1142459N L), EHB312, EHN3802W (P1143207N W), EHS341, EHT330, GBE26AA0CP (P1142487N W), SBE26CB5 (P1142254N L), SNE26AA (P1142424N), EBE22AA5 (P1142470N L), EBE22AA5 (P1142430N L), EBE24AA0 (P1142472N W), EBE26AA0 (P1142474N W), EHD112, EHN3412L (P1142499N L), EHN3892L (P1143208N L), EHN3892W,L (P1142422NW), EHN3892W,L (P1142479NWL), EJN3892W,L (P1142423NW), FEU208, GBE24AA (P1137998N L), LEU108, 827.000, 827.301, 9609012190, 9609012191, 9609012192, 9609012890, 9609012891, 9609012892, 9609072190, 9609072890, CARR589L (P1142453N L), CARR589L (P1142469N L), CARR589W (P1142453N W), CARR589W (P1142469N W), CBE22AA0 (P1137943N W), CBE22AA5 (P1137943N L), CBE22AAG (P1137943N G), CBE24AA0 (P1137944N W), CBE24AA5 (P1137944N L), CBE24AAG (P1137944N G), CBE24CB0 (P1137945N W), CBE24CB5 (P1137945N L), CBE24CBG (P1137945N G), CBE26AA0 (P1137946N W), CBE26AA5 (P1137946N L), CBE26AAG (P1137946N G), CBE26DB0 (P1137947N W), CBE26DB5 (P1137947N L), CBE26DBG (P1137947N G), CBE26FC0 (P1137949N W), CBE26FC5 (P1137949N L), CBE26FCG (P1137949N G), EBE22AA (P1142413N W), EBE22AA0 (P1142459N W), EBE22AA0CEH (P1142442N W), EBE22AA0CEH (P1142447N), EBE22AA0CEH (P1142460N), EBE22AA0CEH (P1142471N), EBE22AA0CEH (P1142442N), EBE24AA (P1142414N W), EBE24AA (P1142414N L), EBE24AA0CEH (P1142473N), EBE24AA0CEH (P1142443N W), EBE24AA0CEH (P1142443N), EBE24AA5 (P1142472N L), EBE24CB0 (P1142408N W), EBE24CB5 (P1142408N L), EBE26AA (P1142409N L), EBE26AA0CEH (P1143211N W), EBE26AA0CEH (P1142475N), EBE26AA0CEH (P1142456N), EBE26CB0 (P1142410N W), EBE26CB5 (P1142410N L), EHA112, EHA214, EHA312, EHA312-OP (EHA3120OP), EHA314, EHA315, EHA335, EHA353, EHA367, EHA394, EHA395, EHB112, EHB340, EHB352, EHB397, EHD312, EHD335, EHD341, EHD363, EHD397, EHN3402W,L (P1142420NW), EHN3402W,L (P1142477NWL), EHN3412W (P1142499N W), EHN3802L (P1143207N L), EHN3802W,L (P1142478NW), EHN3802W,L (P1142421NW), EHN3892WW (P1142479NWW), EHN3892WW (P1142422NWW), EHS112, EHS2672L (P1142480N L), EHS2672W (P1143213N W), EHS2672W (P1136302N W), EHS2672W (P1142480N W), EHS305, EHS312, EHS335, EHS340, EHS343, EHT312, EHT3302L (P1142446N L), EHT332, EHT333, EJA214, EJA312, EJA314, EJA315, EJA367, EJA394, EJA395, EJA397, EJN3892W,L (P1142481NWL), EJS306, EJS335, GBE22AA0CEM (P1137956N W), GBE22AA0CP (P1142449N W), GBE22AA0CP (P1137542N W), GBE22AA0CP (P1142483N W), GBE22AA0PT (P1142484N W), GBE22AA0PT (P1142465N W), GBE22AA0PT (P1142434N W), GBE22AA0PT (P1142450N W), GBE22AA5CEM (P1137956N L), GBE22AA5PT (P1142484N L), GBE22AAOEPT (P1137994N W), GBE24AA0CT (P1142451N W), GBE24AA0CT (P1142201N W), GBE24AA0EPT (P1142415N W), GBE24AA0PT (P1142486N W), GBE26AA0CP (P1142448N W), SBC24FX0 (P1142372N W), SBC24FX0 (P1142490N W), SBC24FX5 (P1142295N L), SBC24FXOW (P1142411N), SBE22AA0 (P1142466N W), SBE22AAX (P1142436N W), SBE22AX (P1142412N W), SBE22AX (P1142412N L), SBE22AX0 (P1142492N W), SBE22AX0 (P1142467N W), SBE26AA0 (P1142253N W), SBE26AA5 (P1142253N L), SBE26CB (P1142254N W), SBE56FXL (P1137959N L), SBE56FXW (P1137959N W), SNE26AA (P1142424NW,), SNE26CB (P1142425NW), SNE26CB (P1142425N), SNE26CB (P1142497N) 



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