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Therm-Coil Mfg. will be closed July 4-8, 2024 to allow us to celebrate Independence Day with our families.
Therm-Coil Mfg. will be closed July 4-8, 2024 to allow us to celebrate Independence Day with our families.

Model TC-7154: Whirlpool WP9760767 Equivalent Range/Oven Replacement Broil Element, 2,200W / 1,650W @ 240V / 208V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-4217-003      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-7154


HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your Part Number.

  • Replacement For Part Numbers:

Whirlpool: WP9760767, 9760767, 4448698, 4452154

Other: RP7154, PS11747301, AP6014067, 1194698 

  • 2220 W / 1600 W @ 240 V / 208 V Rating
  • Approx. Overall Size: 16-3/4" Width x 16" Length From Back Of Element To Mounting Brackets x 1-3/4" Insert From Bracket To Terminal Ends x 13-1/2" Terminal-to-Terminal Width (Due to the flexible nature of this element design, this dimension may vary by up to ±2" but is readily restored during installation.)
  • Push-in Male Quick-Connect Terminals
  • Used in various models of Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, Sears / Kenmore, and other Ranges And/Or Ovens: Use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this element will fit your appliance.

 HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your Appliance Model Number.

  • Used In Appliance Model Numbers: 

RBS305PDB6, RBS305PDQ6, KDRP407HSS4, RBS245PDQ12, RBD305PDB8, GBD307PDS7, RBD275PDB12, RBD305PDQ6, RBS305PDQ10, KDRP407HSS0, RBD275PDB8, RBD275PDQ8, RBS275PDB8, RBS305PDB12, GBD307PDB7, GMC305PDB1, RBS305PDQ4, RS696PXGQ6, GBD307PDS6, GMC305PDB6, RBD305PDQ11, RBS305PDQ1, RBD245PDQ12, RBD305PDB10, RBD305PDB12, RBD305PDQ12, RBD305PDQ8, RBD305PDS12, RBS275PDB12, RBS275PDB6, GBD307PDQ3, GMC305PDT6, RBD275PDQ10, RBD276PDB12, RMC305PDQ1, RS675PXGQ0, GBD307PDB6, GMC275PDB6, GMC305PDQ1, RBS245PDQ11, RBS305PDB10, RBS305PDQ11, RBS305PDQ8, RS675PXGQ6, GMC275PDQ6, GMC305PDS6, RBD275PDQ12, RBD305PDB6, RBD305PDQ10, RBS305PDQ12, GBD307PDB5, GBS307PDS7, GMC275PDQ2, GMC305PDQ0, RBD245PDQ11, RBD275PDB6, RBD306PDQ8, RBS275PDQ6, RMC305PDB1, GMC275PDB1, RBD275PDQ2, RBS245PDB8, RBS305PDB1, RBS305PDB4, RMC305PDQ4, RS696PXEB0, GBD277PDB1, GBD277PDB6, GBS277PDS1, GMC275PDB2, GMC275PDQ5, GMC275PDS6, GMC305PDQ4, GMC305PDS2, RBD275PDB4, RBD275PDQ6, RBD275PDT12, RBD305PDQ1, RBD305PDQ2, RBD306PDB10, RBD306PDB12, RBD306PDB6, RBD306PDB7, RBD306PDT12, RBS245PDB12, RBS245PDQ1, RBS275PDQ2, RBS305PDB2, RBS305PDB8, RS675PXEZ0, RS675PXGQ8, RS696PXEQ2, GBD277PDQ7, GBD277PDS5, GBD307PDS5, GBD307PDT7, GBS277PDB1, GBS277PDB7, GBS277PDS7, GBS307PDQ1, GMC275PDB0, GMC305PDQ6, KEWD105HSS05, KEWD105HSS06, RBD245PDB12, RBD245PDB6, RBD245PDQ8, RBD245PDS12, RBD305PDB7, RBD306PDB1, RBD306PDB11, RBD306PDB8, RBS245PDQ6, RBS245PDT12, RBS275PDQ12, RBS277PDB1, RMC275PDQ1, RMC305PDB2, RS610PXGW8, RS675PXGB6, GBD277PDB5, GBD277PDB7, GBD277PDQ5, GBD277PDS7, GBD307PDS1, GBD307PDS4, GBD307PDT5, GBS277PDB5, GBS307PDB0, GBS307PDB1, GBS307PDS1, GBS307PDS3, GMC275PDQ1, GMC305PDB2, GMC305PDS5, GSC278PJS4, RBD245PDB1, RBD245PDB8, RBD245PDT12, RBD275PDB1, RBD275PDB11, RBD275PDB7, RBD275PDQ1, RBD275PDQ4, RBD275PDQ7, RBD305PDQ4, RBD305PDQ9, RBD305PDT12, RBD306PDQ10, RBD306PDQ12, RBD306PDQ6, RBD306PDT11, RBD306PDZ6, RBS245PDB1, RBS245PDB4, RBS245PDB6, RBS277PDB4, RBS305PDQ2, RBS305PDS12, RBS305PDT12, RMC275PDB1, RMC275PDQ2, RMC275PDQ4, RMC305PDB4, RMC305PDQ2, RS675PXEQ0, RS675PXEQ2, RS675PXGB8, RS696PXGQ0, RS696PXGQ8, GBD277PDB2, GBD277PDQ1, GBD277PDQ6, GBD277PDS6, GBD307PDB0, GBD307PDQ7, GBD307PDT3, GBS277PDB6, GBS277PDS6, GBS277PDT3, GBS307PDB4, GBS307PDQ7, GBS307PDT3, GMC275PDB4, GMC275PDS5, GMC275PDT6, GMC305PDB3, GMC305PDB4, GMC305PDQ2, GMC305PDS4, GSC308PJB3, GSC308PJB4, KEWD105HSS3, RBD245PDQ4, RBD245PDQ7, RBD275PDB2, RBD275PDQ11, RBD275PDQ3, RBD276PDB6, RBD276PDQ10, RBD277PDQ2, RBD305PDB11, RBD305PDB4, RBD305PDQ3, RBD305PDQ7, RBD306PDB9, RBS245PDQ8, RBS275PDB1, RBS275PDB2, RBS275PDB4, RBS275PDQ4, RBS275PDQ8, RBS305PDQ9, RBS305PDZ1, RBS305PDZ4, RBS305PDZ6, RBS307PDB1, RS610PXEN2, RS610PXEW2, RS675PXEB0, RS675PXGQ4, RS696PXEB2, RS696PXGB6, RS696PXGQ7, GBD277PDB3, GBD277PDS8, GBD307PDB1, GBD307PDQ2, GBD307PDQ5, GBD307PDQ6, GBS277PDB4, GBS277PDQ1, GBS277PDQ3, GBS277PDQ6, GBS277PDQ7, GBS307PDB3, GBS307PDB6, GBS307PDB7, GBS307PDQ4, GBS307PDQ5, GBS307PDQ8, GBS307PDS5, GBS307PDT5, GBS307PDT6, GMC275PDB3, GMC275PDB5, GMC275PDQ4, GMC275PDS1, GMC305PDB0, GMC305PDS1, GMC305PDT2, GSC278PJB3, GSC308PJQ4, GSC308PJS4, KDRP407HSS3, KEWD105HBL3, KEWD105HBL4, KEWD105HBT0, KEWD105HSS1, KEWD175HSS3, KEWD175HWH4, RBD245PDB10, RBD245PDB3, RBD245PDQ6, RBD245PDQ9, RBD245PDT10, RBD275PDB10, RBD275PDS12, RBD276PDB10, RBD276PDB7, RBD276PDQ12, RBD276PDQ2, RBD276PDQ4, RBD276PDQ6, RBD276PDQ8, RBD305PDB1, RBD305PDB2, RBD306PDQ1, RBD306PDQ4, RBD306PDQ7, RBS245PDB10, RBS245PDB11, RBS245PDB2, RBS245PDQ10, RBS245PDQ2, RBS245PDQ4, RBS270PDB4, RBS275PDQ1, RBS275PDQ10, RBS275PDT12, RBS277PDQ2, RBS305PDB11, RBS305PDB9, RBS305PDT10, RBS305PDZ2, RBS307PDB4, RBS307PDQ2, RS675PXGZ0, RS696PXGB0, RS696PXGB4, RS696PXGQ2, RS696PXGQ4, 8RBS245PDQ1, GBD277PDB0, GBD277PDB4, GBD277PDB8, GBD277PDQ0, GBD277PDQ2, GBD277PDQ3, GBD277PDQ4, GBD277PDQ8, GBD277PDS1, GBD277PDS2, GBD277PDS3, GBD277PDS4, GBD277PDT7, GBD277PDT8, GBD307NKB0, GBD307NKQ0, GBD307PDB2, GBD307PDB3, GBD307PDB4, GBD307PDQ0, GBD307PDQ1, GBD307PDQ4, GBD307PDS2, GBD307PDT1, GBD307PDT2, GBD307PDT4, GBD307PDT6, GBS277PDB0, GBS277PDB3, GBS277PDB8, GBS277PDQ0, GBS277PDQ4, GBS277PDQ5, GBS277PDQ8, GBS277PDS3, GBS277PDS4, GBS277PDS5, GBS277PDS8, GBS277PDT5, GBS277PDT6, GBS277PDT7, GBS277PDT8, GBS307NKB0, GBS307NKQ0, GBS307PDB5, GBS307PDB8, GBS307PDQ0, GBS307PDQ6, GBS307PDS4, GBS307PDS6, GBS307PDS8, GBS307PDT1, GBS307PDT4, GBS307PDT7, GBS307PDT8, GDB277PDB1, GDB277PDQ1, GMC275PDQ0, GMC275PDQ3, GMC275PDS2, GMC275PDS3, GMC275PDS4, GMC305PDB5, GMC305PDQ3, GMC305PDQ5, GMC305PDS3, GMC305PDT1, GMC305PDT3, GMC305PDT4, GMC305PDT5, GMC305PDZ0, GMC305PDZ1, GMC305PDZ2, GMC305PDZ3, GMC305PDZ4, GSC278PJB1, GSC278PJB4, GSC278PJQ1, GSC278PJQ3, GSC278PJQ4, GSC278PJS1, GSC278PJS3, GSC278PJT1, GSC278PJT3, GSC278PJT4, GSC308PJB1, GSC308PJB2, GSC308PJQ1, GSC308PJQ2, GSC308PJQ3, GSC308PJS1, GSC308PJS2, GSC308PJS3, GSC308PJT1, GSC308PJT2, GSC308PJT3, GSC308PJT4, KBRP36MHT00, KBRP36MHW00, KDRP407HSS1, KDRP407HSS2, KEWD105HBL0, KEWD105HBL05, KEWD105HBL06, KEWD105HBL1, KEWD105HBT05, KEWD105HBT06, KEWD105HBT1, KEWD105HBT3, KEWD105HBT4, KEWD105HSS0, KEWD105HSS4, KEWD105HWH0, KEWD105HWH05, KEWD105HWH06, KEWD105HWH1, KEWD105HWH3, KEWD105HWH4, KEWD175HBL0, KEWD175HBL05, KEWD175HBL06, KEWD175HBL1, KEWD175HBL3, KEWD175HBL4, KEWD175HBT0, KEWD175HBT05, KEWD175HBT06, KEWD175HBT1, KEWD175HBT3, KEWD175HBT4, KEWD175HSS0, KEWD175HSS05, KEWD175HSS06, KEWD175HSS1, KEWD175HSS4, KEWD175HWH0, KEWD175HWH05, KEWD175HWH06, KEWD175HWH1, KEWD175HWH3, KEWV105MMT00, KEWV105MSS00, PBK1227, RBD245PDB11, RBD245PDB2, RBD245PDB4, RBD245PDB7, RBD245PDB9, RBD245PDQ1, RBD245PDQ10, RBD245PDQ2, RBD245PDQ3, RBD245PDT11, RBD245PDT8, RBD245PDT9, RBD275PDB13, RBD275PDB3, RBD275PDB9, RBD275PDQ13, RBD275PDQ9, RBD275PDT10, RBD275PDT11, RBD275PDT13, RBD275PDT8, RBD275PDT9, RBD276PDB1, RBD276PDB11, RBD276PDB2, RBD276PDB4, RBD276PDB8, RBD276PDB9, RBD276PDQ1, RBD276PDQ11, RBD276PDQ7, RBD276PDQ9, RBD277PDB1, RBD277PDB2, RBD277PDB4, RBD277PDQ1, RBD277PDQ4, RBD305PDB13, RBD305PDB3, RBD305PDB9, RBD305PDQ13, RBD305PDT11, RBD305PDT13, RBD306PDB13, RBD306PDB2, RBD306PDB4, RBD306PDQ11, RBD306PDQ13, RBD306PDQ2, RBD306PDQ9, RBD306PDT13, RBD306PDZ1, RBD306PDZ10, RBD306PDZ2, RBD306PDZ4, RBD306PDZ7, RBD306PDZ8, RBD306PDZ9, RBD307PDB1, RBD307PDB2, RBD307PDQ1, RBD307PDQ2, RBD307PDQ4, RBS240PDB0, RBS240PDB1, RBS240PDB3, RBS240PDB4, RBS245PDB13, RBS245PDB9, RBS245PDQ13, RBS245PDQ9, RBS245PDS12, RBS245PDT10, RBS245PDT11, RBS245PDT13, RBS245PDT8, RBS245PDT9, RBS248PDB4, RBS248PDQ4, RBS270PDB1, RBS270PDB3, RBS275PDB10, RBS275PDB11, RBS275PDB13, RBS275PDB9, RBS275PDQ11, RBS275PDQ13, RBS275PDQ9, RBS275PDS12, RBS275PDT10, RBS275PDT11, RBS275PDT13, RBS277PDB2, RBS277PDQ1, RBS277PDQ4, RBS305PDB13, RBS305PDQ13, RBS305PDT11, RBS305PDT13, RBS305PDT8, RBS305PDT9, RBS305PDZ10, RS696PXGB9, RS696PXGQ5, RS696PXGQ9, YGBD307PDB6, YGBD307PDB7, YGBD307PDQ6, YGBD307PDQ7, YGBS277PDB5, YGBS277PDB6, YGBS277PDB7, YGBS277PDB8, YGBS277PDQ5, YGBS277PDQ6, YGBS277PDQ7, YGBS277PDQ8, YGBS307PDB5, YGBS307PDB6, YGBS307PDB7, YGBS307PDB8, YGBS307PDQ5, YGBS307PDQ6, YGBS307PDQ7, YGBS307PDQ8, YGSC278PJB0, YGSC278PJB2, YGSC278PJQ0, YGSC278PJQ2, YGSC308PJB0, YGSC308PJB2, YGSC308PJQ0, YGSC308PJQ2, YRBS275PDB5, YRBS275PDB6, YRBS275PDB7, YRBS275PDB8, YRBS275PDQ5, YRBS275PDQ6, YRBS275PDQ7, YRBS275PDQ8, YRBS275PDS7, YRBS275PDS8, YRBS305PDB5, YRBS305PDB6, YRBS305PDB7, YRBS305PDQ5, YRBS305PDQ6, YRBS305PDQ7





Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with Whirlpool Corporation, General Electric Corporation, Sears, Roper Technologies, or any other listed manufacturers or their affiliates.

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