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Model TC-74003019-P220: Whirlpool WP74003019 Equivalent Range/Oven Bake Replacement Element

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-3006-003            Therm Coil Model No.: TC-74003019-P220


  • HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your part number.
  • Replacement For Part Numbers: WP74003019, 74003019, 74003019-P220, CH6372, 04000058, 74003019BU, 7406P064-60, 7406P06460, 7406P092-60, 7406P09260, RP7019, TJB7019, ERB7019, F84-200, PS11744014, WP74003019VP, Y04000058, B008DJTJGQ, B00DM8JA8A, B003N5NDDU, B008DK1XY6, B008DK1Q5M, AP6010824, AP5306673, AP4502580, AP3431771.
  • 2,100W / 2,800W @ 208 / 240V
  • Approximate Overall Size: 18-1/2" Width* x 15-7/16" Back Of Element To Mounting Brackets x 3-1/4" Insert (Brackets to Terminal End)  (*Due to the flexible nature of this element, this dimension may vary up to ±1", but can easily be restored in assembly.)
  • Male Quick-Connect Push-In Terminals
  • Used in various oven/range models of Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Norge, Roper, and Sears / Kenmore and moreIf your specific range or oven model number is not listed, use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this baking element will fit your appliance.
  • HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your oven/range model number:
  • Fits In The Following Oven/Range Model Numbers:

    CRE9600CCE, 3510PRW, 3521XRW, 6898VVV, CRE9400CCE, 3868VVV, CRE8600CCE, 6898VRV, CHE9800BCE, 6898XRB, CRE9400BCW, CRE9600CCM, 3842XRW, CE3520SRW, CHE9800BCB, 3868XVW, 3888WVS, CRE8400ACL, CRE9400CCW, 3862VVV, CRE9400BCL, CRE9800ACE, 5898VVV, 7858XVA, CHE9830BCE, CRE7500ACW, 3521XRA, 3867VVV, 3868XVA, 6898XVB, CRE8600CCM, CRE9400ACL, CRE9400CCM, 3500PPW, CRE9600BCL, FCE10500A, 3500PPW-D, 3510KRW, CHE9830BCB, CRE7500ACL, CRE9400BCE, 3520SRW, 3842SRW, 3868VVD, CRE9600ACW, CRE9600BCE, FCE10500W, 3500PPA, 3521WRW, 3868XRW, 62946775690, 7858XVW, CE3500PPW, CE3832XRA, CE3878VVV, CRE9400CCL, CRE9500ACL, CRE9500BCE, 3521XPA, 3621XRW, 3842SRA, 3842VRV, 3842XRA, 6892VVV, 6898VRA, 7858XRW, CRE8600ACW, FCE30510W, 3510PRA, 3521WRV, 3527XUW, 3888XVB, 5651XUW, 629.46779, 6551XUW, 6892XVS, CE3832XRW, CHE9000BCE, CRE9400BCM, CRE9600ACL, CREA650ACL, FCE70610W, 3523XRW, 3527XUA, 3860XVW, 3862XVW, 5898XVB, 629.46775, CFE9000BCB, CRE8600BCL, CRE9400ACW, CRE9800CCB, CRE9830BCE, FCE30600W, 3510PPW, 3527XRA, 3527XRW, 3862XRA, 3868XRA, 3888VRV, 5892VVV, 62945765690, 6898VVA, 6898VVD, 7898VAD, CE3878VVD, CHE9800BCM, CRE8600ACL, CRE9300BCW, CRE9600BCW, FCE10610W, FCE2010B, 3624XRW, 3868KYW-D, 3868SYA, 3888VVV, 5898XRB, 62946779790, 6551WUW, 7898VAV, A3878XRA, CE3500PPA, CE3531XUW, CE3537XUW, CRE8600BCW, CRE9300CCW, CRE9500ACE, CRE9830BCB, FCE30500B, 3500SPW, 3521XPW, 3621XRA, 3822PRW, 3867VVD, 3868XPW, 3868XVB, 3882VRV, 5892VVA, 5898VVA, 62945765, 6500SRS, 6892VRA, 6892VVA, 7858XUA, 7898XVA, A3531XRA, A3832SRW, A3878XRB, A3878XRW, CE3531WUA, CE3537XRA, CE3832SRA, CHE9000BCB, CHE9800ACE, CRE8600CCW, CRE9300CCL, CRE9500BCL, CRE9500CCE, CRE9530BCE, CRE9590CCW, CRE9800BCB, CRE9830BCM, FCE2010W, FCE30600A, FCE30600B, FCE70610B, H3520SRA, JE3842VRV, 3510KRA, 3510PPA, 3520SRA, 3521WPA, 3521WRA, 3524SRW, 3527WUV, 3527XPA, 3862XVA, 3867XVB, 3868SYW, 3868XRA-X, 3888VRA, 3888VVA, 5651XUS, 5892VRV, 5898VRV, 62945766790, 62946775790, 62946776790, 6500PRA, 6892VRV, 6892XRS, 6896VVV, 7858XUW, 7898VVV, A6898VRV, C3882VRV, CE3510PRV, CE3531WUV, CE3531XRA, CE3531XRW, CE3878VVA, CE6898VVV, CHE9000ACB, CHE9800ACB, CRE8400BCW, CRE8600CCL, CRE9500ADW, CRE9590CCL, CRE9600ACE, CRE9600CGE, CRE9800ACB, CRE9800CCE, CRE9800CCM, CRE9900ACB, CREA400ACW, CREA450ACL, CREA600ACE, CREA600ACW, FCE10500B, FCE10510A, FCE30500A, FCE30610A, FCE30610W, FCE4040W, FCE70610A, JE3521XRW, JE3842XRA, JE3842XRW, L6892VVV, MER1140AAW, MER1350AAW, N3521XRW, 3500SPA, 3510KPA, 3510KPW, 3510PRV, 3512WPA, 3512WPW, 3512WRA, 3512WRW, 3520SPA, 3520SPW, 3521WPV, 3521WPW, 3522WUA-D, 3522WUV-D, 3522WUW-D, 3523WRV, 3523XRA, 3524SRA, 3527XPW, 3542XRA, 3542XRW, 3563XYA, 3563XYW, 3621WPA, 3621WPW, 3621WRA, 3621WRW, 3621XPA, 3621XPW, 3624XPA, 3624XPW, 3624XRA, 3822KVA-D, 3822KVW-D, 3822PRA, 3841SVA-D, 3841SVW-D, 3842PRA, 3842PRW, 3842WRV, 3860XVA, 3862VVD, 3862XRW, 3865XRA, 3865XRW, 3868XPA, 3868XRW-X, 3882VVV, 3882XRA, 3882XVA, 3888VRV-Z, 3888VVD, 3888XPK, 3888XRB, 5651XRS, 5651XUA, 5892VRA, 5892XRS, 5892XVS, 5898VRA, 629.45769, 629.46776, 6294576, 62945765790, 62945769790, 6500PRW, 6551WRA, 6551WRW, 6551WUA, 6551XRA, 6551XRW, 6551XUA, 6551XUB, 6651XRS, 6651XUS, 68-454650, 68-454657, 68-4567-40, 68-456750, 68-456751, 68-456757, 68-4585-40, 68-4587-87, 6892XRA, 6892XRW, 6892XVA, 6892XVB, 6892XVW, 6893VVD, 6893VVV, 6893XVB, 6895VRA, 6895VRV, 6896VVD, 6896XVB, 7858XRA, 7898VRA, 7898VRV, 7898XRA, 7898XRW, A3500PPA, A3500PPW, A3510PPA, A3510PPW, A3510PRA, A3510PRW, A3520SPA, A3520SPW, A3520SRA, A3520SRW, A3531WRA, A3531WRW, A3531XRW, A3631WRA, A3631WRW, A3637XRA, A3637XRW, A3832SRA, A3832XRA, A3832XRW, A3875XRA, A3875XRW, A3888VRA, A3888VRV, A3888XRA, A3888XRB, A3888XRW, A3889VRA, A3889VRV, A5651XRS, A5892XRS, A5898VRV, A5898XRB, A6892XRS, A6898XRB, C3510PVV, C3521WRV, C3521XRA, C3521XRW, C3523WVA, C3523WVV, C3542XRA, C3542XRW, C3581VRV, C3581VUV, C3581XRA, C3581XRW, C3842XRA, C3842XRW, C3862VYV, C3862XYB, C3868VYV, C3882VVV, C3882XRA, C3882XRW, C3882XVA, C3888VRV, C3888VVV, C3888XRA, C3888XRW, C3888XVA, C3888XVW, C6892XVS, CC3510PVV, CC3520SRA, CC3520SRW, CC3531WRV, CC3531WRW, CC3531WUV, CC3531XRA, CC3531XRW, CC3531XUW, CC3537XRA, CC3537XRW, CC3872XRA, CC3872XRW, CC3872XVA, CC3872XVW, CC3878VRA, CC3878VRV, CC3878VRW, CC3878VVV, CC3878VYV, CC3878XRA, CC3878XRB, CC3878XRL, CC3878XRW, CC6898VVV, CE3510PPA, CE3510PPW, CE3510PRA, CE3510PRW, CE3520SPA, CE3520SPW, CE3520SRA, CE3531WRA, CE3531WRV, CE3531WRW, CE3531XUA, CE3537XRW, CE3537XUA, CE3552XRA, CE3552XRW, CE3674XRA, CE3674XRW, CE3832SRW, CE3875XRA, CE3875XRW, CE3878VRA, CE3878VRV, CE3878VRW, CE3878VVW, CE3878XRB, CE6898VVA, CFE9000ACB, CFEA500ACE, CHEA700BCB, CHEA700BCE, CRE7500ADL, CRE7500ADW, CRE7500BDL, CRE7500BDW, CRE7600ACL, CRE7600ACW, CRE7600ADL, CRE7600ADW, CRE7600BDL, CRE7600BDW, CRE7600CDE, CRE7700ADE, CRE7700ADL, CRE7700ADW, CRE7700BDE, CRE7700BDL, CRE7700BDW, CRE7700CDE, CRE7700CDM, CRE7900ADE, CRE7900ADM, CRE8400ACW, CRE8400BCL, CRE8400BGW, CRE8600CCB, CRE8700ADE, CRE8700ADL, CRE8700ADW, CRE8700BDE, CRE8700BDL, CRE8700BDW, CRE8700CDE, CRE8700CDL, CRE8700CDW, CRE8700DDE, CRE8700DDM, CRE9400ACE, CRE9400CCB, CRE9500ACW, CRE9500ADE, CRE9500ADL, CRE9500BCW, CRE9500BDE, CRE9500BDL, CRE9500BDW, CRE9500CCM, CRE9500CDE, CRE9500CDL, CRE9500CDW, CRE9500DDE, CRE9500DDM, CRE9530BCM, CRE9530CDE, CRE9530CDM, CRE9600ADE, CRE9600ADL, CRE9600ADW, CRE9600CDE, CRE9600CDL, CRE9600CDW, CRE9600DDE, CRE9600DDM, CRE9700ACB, CRE9700ACE, CRE9700ADB, CRE9700ADE, CRE9800ADB, CRE9800ADE, CRE9800BCE, CRE9800CDB, CRE9800CDE, CRE9800DDB, CRE9800DDE, CRE9800DDM, CRE9830CDB, CRE9830CDE, CRE9830CDM, CRE9900ACE, CREA200ACL, CREA200ACW, CREA300ACL, CREA300ACW, CREA400ACL, CREA450ACW, CREA600ACL, CREA650ACB, CREA650ACW, CREA750ACB, CREA750ACE, CREA750ACM, FCE10500WC, FCE10501WC, FCE10510B, FCE10510W, FCE10610A, FCE10610B, FCE10610WC, FCE2011B, FCE2011W, FCE2012B, FCE2012W, FCE30500W, FCE30510A, FCE30510B, FCE30510WC, FCE30610B, FCE30610WC, FCE30611WC, FCE4040B, FCE4041B, FCE4041W, FCE4042B, FCE4042W, G3510PRA, G3510PRW, G3521WRA, G3521WRA-3, G3521WRA-4, G3521WRV, G3521WRV-3, G3521WRV-4, G3521WRW, G3621XRA, G3621XRA-3, G3621XRA-4, G3621XRW, G3621XRW-3, G3621XRW-4, G3862XRA, G3862XRW, G3868XRA, G3868XRW, GA3510PRW, GA3531WUA, GA3531WUV, GA3531WUW, GA3631XUWG, GA3872XUW, GA3878XUW, GC3531WUW, GM3510PRW, GM3531WUV, GM3531WUW, GM3631XUA, GM3631XUW, GM3862XUW, GM3868XUA, GM3868XUW, GN3531WUA, GN3531WUW, GV3531WUA, GV3531WUW, H3500PPA, H3500PPW, H3510PPA, H3510PPW, H3510PRA, H3510PRW, H3520SPA, H3520SPW, H3520SRW, H3531WRA, H3531WRW, H3531WUA, H3531WUW, H3531XRA, H3531XRW, H3531XUA, H3531XUW, H3657XRA, H3657XRW, H3657XUA, H3657XUW, H3674XRA, H3674XRW, H3832SRA, H3832SRW, H3875XRA, H3875XRW, H3878XRA, H3878XRW, H3878XVA, H3878XVB, H3878XVW, JE3510PRW, JE3521WRV, JE3521XRA, L3510PRV, L3521WRV, L3521XRA, L3521XRW, L3523WVV, L3527WRV, L3527XRB, L3581VRV, L3581VUV, L3581XRA, L3581XUA, L3581XUW, L3832VRV, L3832XRA, L3832XRW, L3872VRV, L3872VVV, L3872VYV, L3872XRA, L3872XVB, L3872XYB, L3878VRV, L3878VVV, L3878VYV, L3878XRA, L3878XVA, L3882VRV, L3882XRA, L3882XRW, L3882XVA, L3882XVW, L6892VRV, L6892VYV, L6898VYV, L6898XYB, ME3842VRV, ME3842XRA, MER2350AAW, N3510KRA, N3510KRW, N3510PPA, N3510PPW, N3510PRA, N3510PRW, N3520SPA, N3520SPW, N3520SRA, N3520SRW, N3521XPA, N3521XPW, N3521XRA, N3832XRA, N3832XRW, N3875XRA, N3875XRW, N3878VRV, N3878VVD, N3878VVV, N3878XRA, N3878XRW, N3878XVA, N3878XVW



Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with Whirlpool Corporation, Sears, or any other listed manufacturers or their affiliates.

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