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Model VH-421240-1: Vulcan Hart 00-421240-00001 French Plate E.G.O Surface Element Replacement For Hobart & Vulcan Ranges, 2,000W @ 208V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 370W-1000-001
Therm Coil Model No.: VH-4212240-1


  • 9.25" Diameter (Fits 8-3/4" Hole) Surface Element Replacement, French Plate EGO: Replaces the electric heating surface element on dozens of commercial stovetops and ranges.
  • Rating: 2000 W @ 208 V
  • Terminals: (2x) Pin With Screw Type
  • Centered Mounting Stud: 1/4"-20 Threaded

Replacement For Part Numbers:

Hobart / Vulcan Hart
  • 00-415050-00001
  • 00-421240-00001
  • 415050-00001
  • 415050-1
  • 421240-00001
  • 421240-1

HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your Appliance Model  Number.

Used In 208V Appliance Model Numbers (And Others Not Listed Where Part No. Specified):

  • E12FP, E12HT, E24L, E36FLC, E36L, E36LC, E36SLC, E48L, E60L, EV12, EV12-1HT2081, EV12-1HT2401, EV12-1HT4801, EV12-2FP2083, EV12-2FP2403, EV12-2FP4803, EV24S, EV24S-2HT2083, EV24S-2HT2403, EV24S-2HT4803, EV24S-4FP2083, EV24S-4FP2403, EV24S-4FP4803, EV36S, EV36S-2FP2HT208, EV36S-2FP2HT240, EV36S-2FP2HT480, EV36S-2HT12G208, EV36S-2HT12G240, EV36S-2HT12G480, EV36S-36G208, EV36S-36G240, EV36S-36G480, EV36S-3HT208, EV36S-3HT240, EV36S-3HT480, EV36S-6FP208, EV36S-6FP240, EV36S-6FP480, EV48S, EV48S-4FP24G208, EV48S-4FP24G240, EV48S-4FP24G480, EV48S-4HT208, EV48S-4HT240, EV48S-4HT480, EV48S-8FP208, EV48S-8FP240, EV48S-8FP480, EV60s, EV60SS, EV60SS-10FP208, EV60SS-10FP240, EV60SS-10FP480, EV60SS-5HT208, EV60SS-5HT240, EV60SS-5HT480, EV60SS-6FP24G208, EV60SS-6FP24G240, EV60SS-6FP24G480, EV72s, HE12, HE36, HE36L, VR1, VR1C, VR2, VR2C, VR3, VR3C, VR4, VR4C, VR5, VR5C, VR6, VR6C, VR7, VR7C


Disclaimers: Hobart and Vulcan-Hart are registered trademarks of Hobart Corporation.  GE is a registered trademark of General Electric Company. Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with any of the aforementioned trademark owners, manufacturers, or their subsidiaries or affiliates. Therm Coil MFG. Co. parts are compatible with various brand name appliances.

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