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Please excuse our dust as we redesign our website.

Model WB-30X218: GE WB30X218 /Chromalox CH30X218 Equivalent Replacement 8" Surface Element For GE / Hotpoint Ranges/Ovens, 1,325W / 1,000W @ 240V / 208V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 370D-1021-002      Therm Coil Model No.: WB-30X218


  • Small 6" Surface Element Replacement With (5) Turns: Directly replaces hundreds of models.
  • Rating: 1325 W @ 240 V or 1000 W @ 208 V
  • Bracket Style:  Heavy-Duty Y-Style (Wye)
  • Terminals: Push-In Style Nickel Over Steel Terminals
  • Used In Numerous GE Ranges and Stoves And Others With Push-In Terminal Style Burners: GE Brands may include General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, Sears, Kenmore, and more.

Replacement For Part Numbers:

  • GE: WB30X218, WB30X0218, WB30X218R
  • Chromalox / Emerson / Supco: CH30X218, SU117, 407601, 404988, 

    230-875858-001, 875858-001 

  • Other: AP2027803, 6, AP3388610, 832171, 238181, TS30X218, ERS218, AH243999, EA243999, PM30X117, 8023, PM30X0117, PS243999, 58800103, SPM14776791932, 9036161

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Used In Appliance Model Numbers (and Many More Than Are Listed):

  • J765X01, J765X03, JB400GXH1, JB400GXH2, JB500G*H1, JB500G*H2, JB500GXB1, JB500GXD1, JB500GXD2, JB500GXD3, JB500GXD4, JB500GXD5, JB500GXW4, JB500GXW5, JB500GXW6, JB500XD1, JB500XD2, JB500XD3, JB500XD4, JB500XW4, JB500XW5, JB500XW6, JB600G*H1, JB600GX04, JB600GX05, JB600GXC1, JB600GXD1, JB600GXD2, JB600GXD3, JB600GXD4, JBC26X07, JBC26X55, JBC26XF1, JBC26XF2, JBC26XF3, JBP23X01, JBP23XF1, JBP23XF2, JBP23XF3, JBP24G*H1, JBP24GX04, JBP24GX05, JBP24GXF1, JBP24GXF2, JBP24GXF3, JBP26G*H1, JBP26GXF1, JBP26GXF2, JBP26XD1, JBP26XF1, JBP26XF2, JBP26XF3, JBP26XW5, JBP36GXW4, JBP36GXW5, JBS26G*H1, JBS26GXF1, JBS26GXF2, JBS26X07, JBS26X55, JBS26XF1, JBS26XF2, JBS26XF3, JBV42G*H1, JBV42GX01, JBV42GX02, JBV42GX03, JBV42GX04, JCP68XW2, JCP68XW3, JCP68XW4, JHC56GXD1, JHC56GXD2, JHC56XD1, JHC56XVA, JHC56XVB, JHP56G*H1, JHP56GXC1, JHP56GXD1, JHP56GXD2, JHP56GXD3, JHP56GXV6, JHP56XD1, JHP56XVA, JHP60GX01, JHP60GX02, JHP60GX03, JHP60GX04, JHP65GX01, JHP65GX02, JHP65GXD1, JHP66GX01, JHP66GX02, JHP67G*H1, JHP67GXD1, JHP67GXD2, JHP67GXD3, JHP67GXV5, JHP68GX01, JHP68GX02, JHP97GXD1, JHP97GXY2, JHP97GXY3, JHP97GXY5, JHP97GXY6, JP656BXC1, JP656XC1, JP661BXC1, JP661XC1, JSP48G*H1, JSP48GJ4, JSP48GJ5, JSP48GJ6, JSP48GJ7, JSP48GJ8, JSP48GX01, JSP48GXH2, JSP48GXJ1, JSP48GXJ2, JSP48GXJ3, JSP48GXJ4, JSP48GXJ5, JSP48GXJ6, JSP48GXJ7, JSP48GXJ8, JSP49G101, JSP49G1H1, JSP49G1H2, JSP49G1J1, JSP49G1J2, JSP49G1J3, JSP49G1J4, JSP49G1J5, JSP49G1J6, JSP49G1J7, JSP49G1J8, RB536XF1, RB536XF2, RB536XF3, RB636X01, RB636X02, RB636X03, RB636XF1, RB636XF2, RB636XF3, RB658XA1, RB658XA2, RB658XA3, RB735GXA1, RB735GXA2, RB735GXA3, RB735GXA4, RB735GXA5, RB735GXA6, RB735GXH1, RB737GXD1, RB737XA2, RB737XA3, RB737XA4, RB737XA5, RB737XD1, RB737XD2, RB737XD3, RB747GXA2, RB747GXA3, RB747GXA4, RB747GXA5, RB747GXD1, RB747GXD2, RB747GXD3, RB747GXH1, RB747XA2, RB747XA3, RB747XA4, RB747XA5, RB747XD1, RB747XD2, RB747XD3, RB942GX01, RB942GX02, RC777XW2, RC777XW3, RF764X04, RF764X05, RH758GXD1, RH758GXD2, RH758GXD3, RH758GXH1, RH758XV8, RH758XV9, RH960GX01, RH960GX02, RH960GX03, RH960GX04, RH961GXH1, RH966GXD1, RH966GXY2, RH966GXY3, RH966GXY4, RH966GXY5, RH966GXY6, RH967GX01, RH967GXD1, RS776GX01, RS778GX01, RS778GXH1, RS778GXH2, RS778GXJ1, RS778GXJ2, RS778GXJ3, RS778GXJ4, RS778GXJ5, RS778GXJ6, RS778GXJ7, RS778GXJ8, RS779G101, RS779G1H1, RS779G1H2, RS779G1J1, RS779G1J2, RS779G1J3, RS779G1J4, RS779G1J5, RS779G1J6, RS779G1J7, RS779G1J8, RU38BXC1, RU38XC1


 Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with GE, Whirlpool Corporation, Sears, or any listed manufacturers of their affiliates.

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