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Robertshaw 6700G0001: Universal Electric Range Replacement Thermostat, 240VAC With Auto-Preheat, Variable Broil, and Pilot Light

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Model 6700G0001 is a universal model that can replace most single and double pole thermostats in numerous range/oven appliances, including the House of Webster Country Charm Stand-Alone Stoves, such as Model R59, as well as the Country Charm In-Wall Electric Ovens, such as Model 60.

  • Includes a Knob Replacement Kit (OFF-150°F-550°F)
  • Automatic Preheat
  • Variable Broil
  • Pilot Light
  • Break-off Shaft
  • CSA and UL approved.

Technical Information

  • Switch Type: DPST (double pole, single throw). A DPST switch turns up to two independent circuits on or off.
  • Electrical Rating:  240VAC, 17 Amps, 6 Terminals
  • Pilot Light: Yes
  • Capillary Length: 60" (±2")
  • Sensing Bulb DIMs: 0.13" DIA. x 12" (±1") Long
  • U.L. Listed and C.S.A. Certified

Replaces Thermostat Models Shown below and More:

25005-12 Admiral
6700S0011 Harper
RA-55-42 Robertshaw
1890-230 Magic Chef
RA-5-36 Robertshaw
1890-228 Magic Chef
RA-61-42 Robertshaw
Q-59003 Westinghouse
RA-82-60 Robertshaw
RA-52-36 Robertshaw
Q-59004 Westinghouse
RA-83-36 Robertshaw
1890-223 Magic Chef
Q-52374 Westinghouse
1890-224 Magic Chef
Q-52373 Westinghouse
RA-53-36 Robertshaw
1890-229 Magic Chef
RA-54-42 Robertshaw
Q-52375 Westinghouse
Q-52376 Westinghouse
Q-52387 Westinghouse
RA-64-60 Robertshaw
RA-65-36 Robertshaw
RA-72-48 Robertshaw
Q-59010 Westinghouse
RA-7-36 Robertshaw
1890-226 Magic Chef
RA-74-36 Robertshaw
Q-52380 Westinghouse
RA-75-17 Robertshaw
RA-76-24 Robertshaw
Q-52384 Westinghouse
RA-79-36 Robertshaw
1890-227 Magic Chef
1890-225 Magic Chef
RA-56-30 Robertshaw
RA-58-36 Robertshaw
RA-59-36 Robertshaw
RA-81-36 Robertshaw
RA-60-36 Robertshaw
RA-62-36 Robertshaw
RA-6-42 Robertshaw
RA-64-24 Robertshaw
Q-52377 Westinghouse
RA-80-36 Robertshaw
RA-77-30 Robertshaw
RA-3-42 Robertshaw
1890-267 Magic Chef
1890-264 Magic Chef
1890-263 Magic Chef
1890-262 Magic Chef
1890-261 Magic Chef
1890-260 Magic Chef
1890-258 Magic Chef
Q-25464 Westinghouse
Q-25465 Westinghouse
7404P002-60 Magic Chef
Q-25468 Westinghouse
1890-295 Magic Chef
1890-289 Magic Chef
RA-34-48 Robertshaw
RA-35-36 Robertshaw
1890-269 Magic Chef
RA-36-36 Robertshaw
RA-37-30 Robertshaw
RA-38-30 Robertshaw
RA-40-36 Robertshaw
RA-41-36 Robertshaw
RA-42-36 Robertshaw
RA-4-30 Robertshaw
RA-43-36 Robertshaw
Q-35944 Westinghouse
1890-257 Magic Chef
Q-35951 Westinghouse
Q-35947 Westinghouse
RA-44-36 Robertshaw
1890-234 Magic Chef
RA-45-36 Robertshaw
RA-46-36 Robertshaw
RA-49-36 Robertshaw
RA-50-42 Robertshaw
RA-51-36 Robertshaw
1890-233 Magic Chef
1890-232 Magic Chef
1890-236 Magic Chef
1890-241 Magic Chef
1890-256 Magic Chef
Q-35945 Westinghouse
Q-35946 Westinghouse
1890-255 Magic Chef
Q-35948 Westinghouse
1890-254 Magic Chef
1890-246 Magic Chef
Q-35949 Westinghouse
Q-35950 Westinghouse
1890-244 Magic Chef
150717 Enterprise
1890-231 Magic Chef
C04919-C Crosley
108-357M2 Magic Chef
255416 Whirlpool
255417 Whirlpool
108-357M1 Magic Chef
108-3530-D Magic Chef
255868 Whirlpool
150721-1 Enterprise
115014-1 Enterprise
150720 Enterprise
255869 Whirlpool
255870 Whirlpool
C04918-D Crosley
11-6823-830 Crosley
181252 Crosley
108-810-F Magic Chef
Q-25458 Westinghouse
Q-25459 Westinghouse
Q-25462 Westinghouse
254115 Whirlpool
255414 Whirlpool
108-757M Magic Chef
108-657M Magic Chef
255415 Whirlpool
108-479M Magic Chef
108-357M4 Magic Chef
108-357M34 Magic Chef
150719 Enterprise
255871 Whirlpool
5422318 Electrolux
630340 Suburban
630386 Suburban
630431 Suburban
265420 Whirlpool
630585 Suburban
630590 Suburban
108-352M3 Magic Chef
108-157M Magic Chef
108-1910M Magic Chef
108-2510M Magic Chef
108-271M Magic Chef
7532979 Electrolux
7533355 Electrolux
108-151M Magic Chef
255872 Whirlpool
150716 Enterprise
150711 Enterprise
115014 Enterprise
Q-25463 Westinghouse
RA-78-48 Robertshaw
108-3530-C Magic Chef
255873 Whirlpool
56161 Eagle
261677 Whirlpool
263415 Whirlpool
10804-966MR Magic Chef
108-27M Magic Chef
1890-222 Magic Chef
5435-262 Robertshaw
RA-89-42 Robertshaw
108R-3530D Magic Chef
108R-3530C Magic Chef
108R-25M Magic Chef
108R-2510M Magic Chef
108R2-265M Magic Chef
RA-90-48 Robertshaw
RA-9-32 Robertshaw
RA-93-36 Robertshaw
253095 Whirlpool
108R-1910M Magic Chef
108RP1910M Magic Chef
108RP-25M Magic Chef
108RP-3530C Magic Chef
1890-220 Magic Chef
RA-8-36 Robertshaw
RA-84-36 Robertshaw
1890-219 Magic Chef
RA-85-42 Robertshaw
1890-217 Magic Chef
RA-86-60 Robertshaw
1890-216 Magic Chef
RA-87-36 Robertshaw
108RP940M Magic Chef
RA-88-42 Robertshaw
108RP-3530D Magic Chef
RA-94-36 Robertshaw
253280 Whirlpool
RC-2-60 Robertshaw
16637 Roper
18151 Roper
23725 Roper
254114 Whirlpool
108H3-45DU Magic Chef
108H3-45DM Magic Chef
1890-268 Magic Chef
108-477M Magic Chef
108H10-45AM Magic Chef
108G10-45AM Magic Chef
108-967M Magic Chef
RB-3-36 Robertshaw
RB-28-36 Robertshaw
254113 Whirlpool
108R-151M Magic Chef
108P-940M Magic Chef
RA-95-36 Robertshaw
108NR-155MR Magic Chef
108NR14-466M Magic Chef
RA-95-60 Robertshaw
RA-96-36 Robertshaw
RA-98-24 Robertshaw
253623 Whirlpool
RA-99-60 Robertshaw
RB-20-36 Robertshaw
RB-24-36 Robertshaw
108-850M Magic Chef
45-2359 Norge
5440-017 Robertshaw
01-201-10 Tappan
5440-015 Robertshaw
01-201-11 Tappan
5440-014 Robertshaw
01-201-12 Tappan
5440-012 Robertshaw
5440-011 Robertshaw
5440-004 Robertshaw
5440-175 Robertshaw
01-201-1 Tappan
5440-176 Robertshaw
45-2360 Norge
46-0750 Norge
108-277M Magic Chef
5445-276 Robertshaw
5445-275 Robertshaw
54-42 Robertshaw
07005-01 Glenwood
02669 Glenwood
5440-177 Robertshaw
5435-276 Robertshaw
5435-273 Robertshaw
355T280S01 Tappan
355T280S02 Tappan
5435-261 Robertshaw
5435-260 Robertshaw
355T316S01 Tappan
355T320S01 Tappan
5435-259 Robertshaw
355T344S01 Tappan
5435-258 Robertshaw
0065837 Amana
0071200 Amana
5435-263 Robertshaw
01-201-13 Tappan
5435-271 Robertshaw
01-201-2 Tappan
5435-269 Robertshaw
01-201-4 Tappan
5435-267 Robertshaw
0075393 Amana
5435-266 Robertshaw
5435-264 Robertshaw
5435-256 Robertshaw
OP-501-48 Robertshaw
7404029 Modern Maid
31-065837-01-0 Amana
OP-57-36 Robertshaw
OC-016-022-99 Hardwick
OP-56-36 Robertshaw
OC-016-011-99 Hardwick
OP-55-58 Robertshaw
OC-016-001-00 Hardwick
12888 Monarch
OP-55-37 Robertshaw
7404034A Modern Maid
7404029K Modern Maid
31-071200-01-0 Amana
7404033 Modern Maid
7404034 Modern Maid
7404042 Modern Maid
7404045 Modern Maid
7404046 Modern Maid
7404051 Modern Maid
7404052 Modern Maid
7404055 Modern Maid
OP-58-48 Robertshaw
R386 Monarch
R386-1 Monarch
45-0864 Norge
45-0969 Norge
45-1394 Norge
45-1397 Norge
45-1482 Norge
45-1494 Norge
45-1495 Norge
45-1850 Norge
45-1852 Norge
45-0623 Norge
41-7819 Norge
41-4739 Norge
R421 Monarch
R434 Monarch
R449 Monarch
OP-54-36 Robertshaw
OP-53-48 Robertshaw
47-0750 Norge
38-07-00 Norge
41-1014 Norge
OP-52-36 Robertshaw
45-1900 Norge
720T050P04 Tappan
993-304 Gaffers & Sattler
993-300 Gaffers & Sattler
993-271 Gaffers & Sattler
993-269 Gaffers & Sattler
993-266 Gaffers & Sattler
3603-016 Philco
993-263 Gaffers & Sattler
993-256 Gaffers & Sattler
993-226 Gaffers & Sattler
993-311 Gaffers & Sattler
993-344 Gaffers & Sattler
993-345 Gaffers & Sattler
55604 Gibson
55518 Gibson
54812 Gibson
54424 Gibson
46374 Gibson
45252 Gibson
35252 Gibson
2735 Robertshaw
2550 Robertshaw
85-201-16 Tappan
85-201-17 Tappan
11-9401-830 Thermador
11-9406-83 Thermador
14-09-147 Thermador
14-09-229 Thermador
6823-830 Thermador
7801-830 Thermador
9401-830 Thermador
201-75 Welbilt
209-75 Welbilt
11-7811-830 Thermador
11-7801-830 Thermador
11-6823-830 Thermador
N720T050P01 Tappan
K10994 Preway
N720T050P05 Tappan
KY-4244 Preway
KY-4285 Preway
KY-4286 Preway
KY-5422 Preway
RCA-F11813 Preway
27652 Thermador
75393 Amana
720T018R01 Tappan
5435-255 Robertshaw
70-201-79 Tappan
70-201-8 Tappan
720L004P01 Tappan
5430-182 Robertshaw
720L004P02 Tappan
720L004P03 Tappan
720L004P04 Tappan
720L007P01 Tappan
720T003D01 Tappan
5430-184 Robertshaw
5430-186 Robertshaw
5430-187 Robertshaw
5435-254 Robertshaw
400-201-16 Tappan
400-201-6 Tappan
400-201-8 Tappan
5435-253 Robertshaw
5435-252 Robertshaw
5435-201 Robertshaw
5430-189 Robertshaw
5430-188 Robertshaw
720T004D01 Tappan
720T008P01 Tappan
240P-760 Robertshaw
720T008P04 Tappan
720T010P01 Tappan
240-300 Robertshaw
720T011P01 Tappan
720T011P02 Tappan
720T015R01 Tappan
240-127 Robertshaw
24240 Robertshaw
240P-806 Robertshaw
52-36 Robertshaw
5430-066 Robertshaw
720T008P02 Tappan
5430-181 Robertshaw
5430-178 Robertshaw
5430-177 Robertshaw
5430-176 Robertshaw
5430-175 Robertshaw
5430-135 Robertshaw
5430-122 Robertshaw
720T008P03 Tappan
720T017R01 Tappan
7515A Chambers
RA-127-24 Robertshaw
RA-128-36 Robertshaw
RA-129-48 Robertshaw
RA-130-36 Robertshaw
RA-131-36 Robertshaw
RA-24-36 Robertshaw
RA-234-36 Robertshaw
RA-132-36 Robertshaw
RA-23-36 Robertshaw
RA-13-36 Robertshaw
RA-134-36 Robertshaw
RA-1-36 Robertshaw
RA-20-48 Robertshaw
RA-126-54 Robertshaw
RA-125-36 Robertshaw
RA-124-36 Robertshaw
RA-117-36 Robertshaw
RA-117-54 Robertshaw
RA-118-36 Robertshaw
RA-2-60 Robertshaw
RA-2-58 Robertshaw
RA-25-36 Robertshaw
RA-119-54 Robertshaw
RA-120-24 Robertshaw
Q-25313 Westinghouse
RA-121-60 Robertshaw
RA-123-48 Robertshaw
RA-248-36 Robertshaw
RA-15-36 Robertshaw
RA-12-36 Robertshaw
RA-20-36 Robertshaw
9423B Chambers
Q-25306 Westinghouse
RA-140-40 Robertshaw
RA-142-36 Robertshaw
RA-14-36 Robertshaw
RA-14-48 Robertshaw
RA-147-36 Robertshaw
RA-148-24 Robertshaw
7404P08560 Maytag
RA-18-36 Robertshaw
RA-17-36 Robertshaw
RA-149-60 Robertshaw
RA-153-60 Robertshaw
RA-16-36 Robertshaw
RA-139-36 Robertshaw
RA-138-48 Robertshaw
RA-137-36 Robertshaw
Q-25307 Westinghouse
Q-25308 Westinghouse
RA-136-36 Robertshaw
Q-25309 Westinghouse
RA-19-60 Robertshaw
Q-25312 Westinghouse
RA-19-54 Robertshaw
RA-19-48 Robertshaw
Q-25314 Westinghouse
Q-25315 Westinghouse
Q-25316 Westinghouse
Q-25317 Westinghouse
Q-25356 Westinghouse
Q-25457 Westinghouse
RA-26-36 Robertshaw
RA-33-60 Robertshaw
7404002 Modern Maid
OP-59-48 Robertshaw
OP-60-36 Robertshaw
OP-61-30 Robertshaw
OP-62-36 Robertshaw
Q-10253 Westinghouse
OP-63-36 Robertshaw
OP-64-36 Robertshaw
OP-66-60 Robertshaw
OP-67-36 Robertshaw
OP-69-36 Robertshaw
OP-71-36 Robertshaw
OP-73-36 Robertshaw
OP-76-36 Robertshaw
7404003 Modern Maid
7404012 Modern Maid
RA-3-36 Robertshaw
7404028 Modern Maid
RA-32-36 Robertshaw
7404027 Modern Maid
7404025 Modern Maid
7404023 Modern Maid
7404022 Modern Maid
7404018 Modern Maid
7404016 Modern Maid
7404014 Modern Maid
7404013 Modern Maid
RA-100-52 Robertshaw
RA-68-36 Robertshaw
RA-114-36 Robertshaw
RA-11-48 Robertshaw
RA-115-48 Robertshaw
RA-29-48 Robertshaw
RA-30-36 Robertshaw
RA-28-48 Robertshaw
RA-28-36 Robertshaw
RA-27-48 Robertshaw
1842A1 Brown
1842A10 Brown
10373 Chambers
RA-113-42 Robertshaw
RA-112-50 Robertshaw
RA-111-36 Robertshaw
RA-10-48 Robertshaw
RA-10-36 Robertshaw
RA-102-36 Robertshaw
RA-107-36 Robertshaw
RA-108-36 Robertshaw
RA-31-30 Robertshaw
RA-109-54 Robertshaw
RA-110-42 Robertshaw
RA-101-42 Robertshaw
RA-104-36 Robertshaw
6700S0011 ERP


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