UCH-3011-C: 3,000 W @ 120 VAC, Single-phase, Copper Urn Heater with Thermal Cutout

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Therm Coil Model No: UCH-3011-C       Therm Coil Drawing No.: 379C-3000-018

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Product Description

  • Copper urn heater for use in steam tables, coffee urns, kettles, and humidifiers.
  • NOTE: 2-1/2" Minimum Liquid Depth
  • 3,000W (3kW) @ 120VAC, Single-Phase (25A)
  • Copper Sheath Elements
  • Integrated Low-Liquid Thermal Cutout (TCO)
  • Bottom Mounted
  • Round Brass Flange
  • General Purpose Enclosure
  • 2-7/16” Diameter Opening In The Bottom Of The Tank Is Required To Insert The Urn Heater.
  • Dimensions (See Diagram): 6-3/4" (A) x 4-13/16" (B) x 3-1/16" (C) x 2-1/8" (D)

  • Model UCH-3011-C Replaces: Therm Coil model series UC-3011 and model series UA-3011 (this includes models with and without thermal cutout).

  NOTE - Product images may be of product in same series with identical form, but different element dimensions - see Dimensions information above.



“Under the U.S. Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, it is unlawful to install or use this product in any service that comes into contact with water for human consumption (including drinking, food or beverage preparation, hand washing, or teeth brushing). This product is intended exclusively for use in non-potable service.”