Vulcan Hart 351360-1 & GE/Hobart XNC11X155 Griddle Element 2.7KW 208V

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Therm Coil Drawing No. 384P-2016-001

OEM-Compatible 2,700W @ 208V 1-PH, Griddle Element With Flag Terminals (3/16" [#10] Un-threaded Hole), Approximate Overall Dimensions: 22-3/4" x 4-1/2" x 3" H.

Used in the following:

  • Hobart Grill Models: CG30, CG41, CG56, CG58, CG59, CG68, CG801, AND CG821, CG831 (WENDY'S), CG851. RANGE CR42C THRU CR48C, CR58C,CR59C, CR421, AND CR441.
  • Vulcan Grill Models: HEG36D, HEG48D, HEG60D, AND HEG72D.

Replaces the following Manufacturer's Products:

OEM Name                                OEM #                            

VULCAN HART                           00-351360-00001

GE/HOBART                               XNC11X155/351360-1

HOBART                                     00-351360-00001

HOBART                                     351360-1

VULCAN HART                           151360-1

VULCAN HART                           351360-00001

VULCAN HART                           351360-1


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