Wells WS-50374 H-Limit Bi-Metal Safety Thermostat, 550°F Fixed - Type 444-18

List price $ 18.50

Therm Coil Drawing No. 337T-1600-002


  • 550°F Fixed Temperature Bi-Metal Hi-Limit Without Stem
  • Opens on rise at 550°F
  • Type 444-18
  • Includes (1x) #10-32 x 5/16" Screw and (1x) #6-32 x 1/4" Screw 

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  • Replacement For Part No.:

Star MFG: WS-50374

Bloomfield: WS-50374

Wells: 2T30374, 2T-30374, 50374, WS-50374

Sammax: 444-18

Other: 444-18, 48-1012, WEL2T-30374

  • Used In Appliance / Warmer Model Numbers:

M200, M227, M300, M327, M400, M427, M500, M527, MOD-200, MOD-227, MOD-300, MOD-300D, MOD-327, MOD-400, MOD-427, MOD-500, MOD-527, MOD200, MOD200-TDM, MOD300, SS-10, SS-10D, SS-206, SS-206D, SS-206E, SS-206ED, SS-206ER, SS-206ERD, SS-4, SS-4D, SS-8, SS-8D, SW-10



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