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Model TC-8053713: Whirlpool 8053713 Range/Oven Bake Replacement Element, 1,800W/2,400W @ 208V/240V

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Original price $ 88.00
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Current price $ 74.80
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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-3039-003      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-8053713


  • Replacement For Part Numbers:
9758519, 814432, 8053713, 3195067, ERB8519, AP3606277.
  • 1800/2400 W @ 208/240V Rating
  • Overall Size: 20-1/2" Width x 15-1/2" Length To Bracket x 2-7/8" Insert From Bracket to Terminal End x 1-3/4" Center-to-Center Terminal Width
  • Male Quick-Connect Push-In Terminals
  • Used in various Whirlpool, Kenmore, Roper and Estate ovens:  If your specific range or oven model number is not listed, use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this baking element will fit your appliance.
HelpFul Hint: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your model number.
  • Fits Whirlpool Model Numbers: RF364BXGQ0, RF364BXGW0, RF364LXKQ0, RF364LXKQ1, RF364LXKT0, RF364LXKT1, RF364LXMB0, RF364LXMQ0, RF364LXMT0, RF364PXEN0, RF364PXEN1, RF364PXEW0, RF364PXEW1, RF364PXKQ0, RF364PXKQ1, RF364PXKT0, RF364PXKT1, RF364PXKV0, RF364PXKV1, RF364PXKW0, RF364PXKW1, RF364PXMQ0, RF364PXMT0, RF364PXMV0, RF364PXMW0, RF365PXGN1, RF365PXGQ0, RF365PXGQ1, RF365PXGT1, RF365PXGW0, RF365PXGW1, RF365PXKQ0, RF365PXKT0, RF365PXKV0, RF365PXKW0, RF365PXMQ0, RF365PXMT0, RF365PXMV0, RF365PXMW0, RF366LXKQ0, RF366LXKT0, RF366PXGN0, RF366PXGN1, RF366PXGQ0, RF366PXGQ1, RF366PXGQ2, RF366PXGT1, RF366PXGT2, RF366PXGW0, RF366PXGW1, RF366PXGW2, RF367LXKB0, RF367LXKQ0, RF367LXKT0, RF367LXKV0, RF367LXKW0, RF367LXMB0, RF367LXMQ0, RF367LXMT0, RF367LXMV0, RF367LXMW0, RF368LXKB0, RF368LXKB1, RF368LXKP0, RF368LXKQ0, RF368LXKQ1, RF368LXKS1, RF368LXKT0, RF368LXKT1, RF368LXKV0, RF368LXKW0, RF368LXMB0, RF368LXMS0, RF368LXMT0, RF370LXGN0, RF370LXGW0, RF370PXGQ0, RF370PXGQ1, RF370PXGZ0, RF370PXGZ1, RF372BXEN0, RF372BXEQ0, RF372BXEW0, RF372BXEZ0, RF374PXGQ0, RF374PXGQ1, RF374PXGZ0, RF374PXGZ1, RF375PXEN0, RF375PXEQ0, RF375PXEW0, RF375PXEZ0, RF376LXGN0, RF376LXGN1, RF376LXGN2, RF376LXGN3, RF376LXGT2, RF376LXGT3, RF376LXGW0, RF376LXGW1, RF376LXGW2, RF376LXGW3, RF376PXEN0, RF376PXEN1, RF376PXEQ0, RF376PXEQ1, RF376PXEW0, RF376PXEW1, RF376PXEZ0, RF376PXEZ1, RF377PXGB0, RF377PXGB1, RF377PXGB5, RF377PXGN0, RF377PXGN1, RF377PXGN5, RF377PXGQ0, RF377PXGQ1, RF377PXGQ5, RF377PXGT1, RF377PXGV1, RF377PXGW0, RF377PXGW1, RF377PXGW5, RF377PXGZ0, RF377PXGZ1, RF377PXGZ5, RF378LXKB0, RF378LXKB1, RF378LXKQ0, RF378LXKQ1, RF378LXKS1, RF378LXKT0, RF378LXKT1, RF378LXMB0, RF378LXMQ0, RF378LXMS0, RF378LXMT0, RF378PXGB0, RF378PXGB1, RF378PXGN0, RF378PXGN1, RF378PXGQ0, RF378PXGQ1, RF378PXGT1, RF378PXGW0, RF378PXGW1, RF378PXGZ0, RF378PXGZ1, RF379LXKB0, RF379LXKQ0, RF379LXKQ1, RF379LXKT0, RF379LXKT1, RF379LXMQ0, RF379LXMT0, RF380LXKQ0, RF380LXKT0, RF380LXMQ0, RF380LXMT0, RF385PXEN0, RF385PXEQ0, RF385PXEW0, RF385PXEZ0, RF385PXGB0, RF385PXGB1, RF385PXGB2, RF385PXGN0, RF385PXGN1, RF385PXGN2, RF385PXGQ0, RF385PXGQ1, RF385PXGQ2, RF385PXGT2, RF385PXGW0, RF385PXGW1, RF385PXGW2, RF385PXGZ0, RF385PXGZ1, RF385PXGZ2, RF386PXEN0, RF386PXEN1, RF386PXEQ0, RF386PXEQ1, RF386PXEW0, RF386PXEW1, RF386PXEZ0, RF386PXEZ1, RF386PXGB0, RF386PXGB1, RF386PXGB2, RF386PXGB3, RF386PXGB4, RF386PXGN0, RF386PXGN1, RF386PXGN2, RF386PXGN3, RF386PXGN4, RF386PXGQ0, RF386PXGQ1, RF386PXGQ2, RF386PXGQ3, RF386PXGQ4, RF386PXGT2, RF386PXGT3, RF386PXGT4, RF386PXGW0, RF386PXGW1, RF386PXGW2, RF386PXGW3, RF386PXGW4, RF386PXGZ0, RF386PXGZ1, RF386PXGZ2, RF386PXGZ3, RF386PXGZ4, RF387LXGN0, RF387LXGN1, RF387LXGQ0, RF387LXGQ1, RF387LXGW0, RF387LXGW1, RF387LXHQ1, RF387LXHT1, RF387LXHZ0, RF388LXGQ0, RF388LXGQ1, RF388LXGQ2, RF388LXGQ3, RF388LXGQ4, RF388LXGT3, RF388LXGT4, RF388LXGZ0, RF388LXGZ1, RF388LXGZ2, RF388LXGZ3, RF388LXGZ4, RF388LXKB0, RF388LXKP0, RF388LXKQ0, RF388LXKT0, RF389LXKB0, RF389LXKQ0, RF389LXKT0, RF390LXKP0, RF390LXKQ0, RF390LXKT0, RF395LXEB0, RF395LXEQ0, RF395LXEZ0, RF396LXEB0, RF396LXEB1, RF396LXEQ0, RF396LXEQ1, RF396LXEZ0, RF396LXEZ1, SES374HQ0, SES374HQ1, SES380MS0, TEP325KW0, WERE3000PQ0, WERP3000PQ0
Therm Coil MFG. Co. is not affiliated with Whirlpool Corporation, Sears, Roper Technologies, or any of their affiliates.

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