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Model TC-74011117: Whirlpool-Maytag 74011117 Range/Oven Broil Replacement Element, 3,600W @ 240V

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Therm Coil Drawing No.: 366R-3041-003      Therm Coil Model No.: TC-74011117


  • Replacement For Part Numbers:

Maytag / Whirlpool: WPW10276482, W10276482, 74008693, 74011117, 7406P451-60, W10144689

Other: CH7728, AP6018421, 1874343, PS11751723, PS3489207, AP4701262, AP6018421

  • 3600 W @ 240V Rating
  • Overall Size: 18" Width x 14-15/16" Length To Mounting Brackets x 3-1/2" Insert From Bracket to Terminal End x 1-3/4" Center-to-Center Terminal Width
  • Male Quick-Connect Push-In Terminals
  • Used in various Maytag, Amana, & Admiral, Whirlpool, and Kenmore Elite Ranges And/Or OvensIf your specific range or oven model number is not listed, use part numbers and dimensions to determine if this broil element will fit your appliance.
HELPFUL HINT: Use CTRL+F to use the search function for your appliance model number:
  • Used In Oven/Range Model Numbers:

MER5755QAW, MER5755QAB, MER5755QAQ, MER5775QAB, AER5715QAW, AER5515QAW, MER5555QAW, MER5775QAW, AER5715QAQ, AER5715QAS, MER5755QAS, MER5775QAQ, AER5735QAB, MER5765QAQ, MER5775QAS, MER5875QAF, PER5750QAW, AER5515QAQ, AER5845QAF, MER5765RAS, MER5775QAN, MER5765RAW, MER5775RAS, MER5875QAS, AER5735QAF, AER5735QAW, MER5555QAQ, MER5765QAB, MER5765RAQ, AER5845QAB, JER8885RAF, MER5754QAW, MER5765QAW, MER5765RAB, MER5875QAB, MER5875QAN, MERS755RAW, PER5750QAS, AER5735QAQ, AER5735QAS, MER5555QAB, AER5725QAW, AER5845RAS, PER5750LAS, PER5750LAW, JER8885QAS, MER5754QAQ, MER5775RAB, MER5775RAQ, MER5875RAS, AER5515QCW, AER5725QAN, AER5725QAQ, AER5845QAS, JER8785QAB, MER5875RAB, MERH865RAW13, PER5750QAQ, AER5735QAN, AER5845QAN, AER5845RAB, AER5845RAW, JER8785QAF, JER8785QAS, JER8785RAS, JER8885QAB, MER5765QAF, MER5775QAF, MER5775RAW, MER5775RCB, MER5875QCS, MER5875RAF, MER5875RAN, MERH865RAB13, MERH865RAS13, MERS755RAB, PER5750QCW, AER5515RCW, AER5715QCB, AER5715QCS, AER5715QCW, AER5715RCB, AER5715RCS, AER5715RCW, AER5725QAF, AER5815RCB, AER5815RCS, AER5815RCW, AER5845QAF17, JER8785QAN, JER8785RAB, JER8785RAF, JER8885QAF, JER8885QCB, JER8885QCS, JER8885RAB, JER8885RAS, JER8885RCB, JER8885RCB1, JER8885RCS, JER8885RCS1, JER8885RCW, JER8885RCW1, KERK201TBL0, KERK201TSS0, KERK201TWH0, KERS205TBL0, KERS205TBL2, KERS205TBL3, KERS205TBL4, KERS205TBL5, KERS205TBT0, KERS205TBT2, KERS205TBT3, KERS205TBT4, KERS205TSS0, KERS205TSS2, KERS205TSS3, KERS205TSS4, KERS205TSS5, KERS205TWH0, KERS205TWH2, KERS205TWH3, KERS205TWH4, KERS205TWH5, MER5555QCB, MER5555QCW, MER5555RCB, MER5555RCB1, MER5555RCW, MER5555RCW1, MER5755QCB, MER5755QCW, MER5765QAN, MER5765RAB1, MER5765RAQ1, MER5765RAS1, MER5765RAW1, MER5765RCB, MER5765RCB1, MER5765RCS, MER5765RCS1, MER5765RCW, MER5765RCW1, MER5775QCB, MER5775QCF, MER5775QCQ, MER5775QCS, MER5775QCW, MER5775RAB1, MER5775RAQ1, MER5775RAS1, MER5775RAW1, MER5775RCF, MER5775RCQ, MER5775RCS, MER5875QCB, MER5875QCF, MER5875QCW, MER5875RCB, MER5875RCB1, MER5875RCF, MER5875RCF1, MER5875RCQ, MER5875RCQ1, MER5875RCS, MER5875RCS1, MER5875RCW, MER5875RCW1, MER8770WB0, MER8770WB1, MER8770WQ0, MER8770WQ1, MER8770WS0, MER8770WS1, MER8770WW0, MER8770WW1, MER8772WB0, MER8772WB1, MER8772WS0, PER5750QCQ, YKERS205TB0, YKERS205TB2, YKERS205TB3, YKERS205TS0, YKERS205TS2, YKERS205TS3, YKERS205TS4, YKERS205TS5, YKERS205TW0, YKERS205TW2, YKERS205TW3, YMER8772WB0, YMER8772WB1, YMER8772WS0, YMER8772WS1, YMER8772WW0, YMER8772WW1, YMER8875WB0, YMER8875WB1, YMER8875WS0, YMER8875WS1, YMER8875WW0, YMER8875WW1, YMERH770WB0, YMERH770WB1, YMERH770WS0, YMERH770WS1, YMERH770WW0, YMERH770WW1



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