S-WPT Models: Unregulated Ammonia Heaters (No Thermostat)

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Therm Coil S-WPT Models

2" NPT Steel Screw Plug With Steel Sheath Elements:

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  • Steel Sheath with 2" NPT Steel Screw Plug (Nickel Brazed or Welded): Our S-WPT models with 26-49 watt density (W/IN.²) are suitable for heating ammonia (NH3).

Unregulated (No thermostat):

  • If you need this type of element but with temperature control, please see our ES-WPT Models.

Explosion-Resistant Enclosure (Also Moisture-Resistant and Dust-Proof)

Technical Specifications

  • Element Sheath Material: Steel
  • Quantity Of Elements: 3
  • Electrical Phasing: 3 (Three-Phase)
  • Immersion Length: (C Dim.) ±1/4"
  • Approximate Overall Length: 6-1/2" + (C Dim.) REF.
  • Watt Density: 26 - 49 W/IN.²
  • Terminal Connections: Lead Wires
  • Screw Plug Size: 2" NPT
  • Screw Plug Material: Steel
  • Enclosure Type: Explosion-Resistant Enclosure (Also Moisture-Resistant & Dust-proof)
  • Thermowell Immersed Length: None
  • Thermowell Accommodates Sensing Bulb Size: N/A
  • Temperature Control Type: None
  • Temperature Control Range: N/A